Hey guys! My previous video on CBD led to lots of questions, so I picked the 20 most common questions about CBD oil and answered them here. Listen on fast …


  1. I have been taking this amazing product ( , it's Isolate and they publish in their website a REAL LAB CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS of each bottle they produce, where it shows NON DETECTABLE THC, MEANING NO THC !
    I have tried many, many brands, and Stick with this one, the smoothness of the product is the first thing you will experience, and then after you will fall in love with their product.

  2. I find that pineapple Express no THC CBD oil by Terpenes (100mg) is very effective but I still want to find a higher dose because I do have slight social anxiety on it.

  3. Thanks for the information! Occasionally I have anxiety, especially when walking through the dentist's front door. I usually have normal blood pressure, but walking through that door shoots it way up and they can't treat me. Would this help me relax so my blood pressure stays normal?

  4. You answered my questions but what about the biblical concept? The Bible doesn't say anything (that I know of) to not use it if it's for medical purposes. WWJD? Someone asked me this question. I didn't know how to answer it.

  5. Hey everyone – has anyone had any gastro-intestinal issues (like cramping and diarrhea) – while being on CBD oil? I had been on it about 3 weeks – taking 1/3 of a dropper full of full spectrum, Herb Strong CBD oil – 2-3 x day. It didn't help me with my pain, but it helped me tremendously with my irritability – which is huge. Then I started having those issues – so I've stopped for the last couple days. I am still not feeling great – so, it may not be the oil and be something else. I did look online and it looks like some people can have this issue – even though some people use it to treat that issue. So, just polling here – anyone have this problem? Thanks!

  6. The FDA regularly checks the CBD oil of most companies to make sure they are .3% or less THC. The do Full Spectrum tests and their lab results are posted on their website. Your brand is included in the results.

  7. Wow, Megan what a great review and even more good information about CBD and your personal experience.
    I have produced medical cannabis for 7 years and agree with all of your points.
    I believe that you’ll find that there are many new strains that achieve the ‘less than .3%’ target – for the obvious reasons you mention. These are considered hemp but I find it interesting that conventional cannabis gardeners are adding these strains so they have a form of CBD that’s low in THC.
    Because I started using CBD for my own needs, (including juicing the entire flower portion of the plant) to battle the inflammation from years of Crohn’s Disease I have been able to experiment. We have been using high-CBD Sativa strains, a blend of them works best for me.
    I am not at liberty to fully discuss the amazing power of this medicine here, because in the form I speak of, it is NOT hemp, there is a THC component.
    Without question, the first response I get when new people try these products are about improved sleep.
    Related then, to your application is the older Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil.
    Some of the results from this CBD rich blend are also amazing – particularly for sleep managment and inflammation.
    In your video you say you’re not good at analogies; well here’s one that we Canadians can relate to comparing THC to CBD because it’s about hockey!
    I explain that the mixture we produce from high CBD strains does have THC. But they’re like players on the same line. THC is the big defenceman, who winds the puck through opposing traffic and threads a beautiful pass, up through the slot, to the star centreman, CBD who tips the puck past the goalie for the goal – while THC the defenceman, gets slammed to the ice at the blueline. Who really scored the goal?

    We believe that in many cases, the THC is necessary and helps in the process. It gets the ‘assist’.
    I’ve blended the oil mixture (which we call 1:1’s) with organic coconut oil and put it in a capsule. We make many different dosage sizes so once people establish what works, they stick with that. One capsule as you’ve said, about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime and the best nights sleep in years is yours.

    If I may have an email address I would be happy to discuss further.
    Thank you for doing a great job of getting this information out there. Your presentation style, so relaxed and casual with your presentation indicates to me that you’re comfortable with the material.

    (As we are, doing what we do.)
    Zed’s Meds

  8. I’m thinking about adding CBD to my line of organic products. I already have an anti-anxiety salve and a sleep salve but feel offering one with CBD oil could benefit so many.
    Great information as always!
    Thanks again,
    Happie Coconut

  9. Megan, I am trying to order your product. I do not want auto refilling. I just want to order one bottle 3ml for $149.99 but when ordering I somehow have 2 bottles in the cart which I only want one. Please help me to correct this. My name is Catherine Eberhardt I put my password in. I’ll try to order & see if I can fix this problem. I would rather just call on the phone to order this. If you could give me the phone number that would help me

  10. Hey, Megan! Has it helped with energy levels? Sometimes when we are nervous all the time our energy levels decrease. What is the dose you take in mg with your 6 drops? Do you know if it helps with candida symptoms and yeast infections? Do you plan on taking it every day now?

  11. Great video Meg and thanks for making a questions video about it. I just have one more question how long does CBD stay in your system? I know weed stays in your system for 30 days but I'm not sure about CBD oil since you said it does show up on a drug test.

  12. I thought of a common question that didn't come up. How long do the effects last after you take a dose? I just started taking CBD from a company called green leaf (no THC in it) and I'm not sure how often to take it. So far it's worked amazing on my anxiety. Thanks Meghan, your a life saver!

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