1. Could you do a video on energy drinks like Bang or Red Bull vs pre workout drinks before a workout? Which is better, long term effects of each, etc? I love your videos you make life so much simpler!

  2. After getting to a certain point in my usage I started feeding my appetite for cannabis instead of food more often than not. Also, whenever running out or taking a tolerance break, just thinking of food would make me gag. So sure, if you're the person who can avoid the munchies and really wants to force themselves to lose weight it can help, but I'd honestly rather take obesity over the terrible feeling from not smoking at all throughout the day but that's just me.

  3. A person making the same as a weed smoker, would likely spend more towards food, because he would have more money from not having spend that chunk of money towards weed. No wonder people would start to get skinnier the more they would need to spend more money on maintaining their habit.

  4. What a load of rubbish! Smoke weed to make you lose weight! When I smoke it’s like the signal to the brain to the stomach is cut off so it’s not telling me my stomach is full so I keep on eating crap! So use weed to make you put on weight not lose it!

  5. THC causes the heart rate and blood pressure to rise which in turn increases caloric intake which causes new Marijuana users to feel hungry, this inturn can lead to the habit of the munchies, you can develop other habits when you use Marijuana that cause you to loose weight, ie working out everytime high at around the same time for 21 days to 3 months will cause a habit that causes weight loss. I think the theory you said regarding clogged receptors plays along also.

  6. Well, let me share a little bit with you guys. It is just my personal experience and I know it would be different for others.
    As stated in the video, you can, in fact in a way build tolerance towards THC. I have been smoking for about 8 years now, and have used it more intensely since the start of last year when I also started to be more serious about weight loss. Now, I did weigh at 120 kg while being 170cm, as you can imagine, I would call that obese. After using weed, I could in fact do more extended cardio (cycling, I do a ton now), but less weight training. I did feel that my apetite dropped and I wanted to eat less in general. It has been tough 20 months, but I am now at 90kg, and I am really happy about the result. I do believe that weed played some part in the overall weight loss, but there is no single weight loss magic trick. I still dropped my carbohydrate intake, substituted almost all drinks for water and ate smaller portions (I do still eat all kinds of foods). I think it helps, it helps to deal with every day stresses better and makes it easier for you to focus on goals.

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