Best of the Week – April 22, 2018 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of April 22, 2018 JRE #1108 – Peter Attia – JRE MMA Show #24 with Kevin Lee …


  1. That sleep researcher/scientist is using only a limited amount of information. There are many, many methods of sleep and it isn't the constant 8 hours, but the quality and amount of cycles one is able to enter. There are many large portions of people who have varied sleep schedules that get way less than 8 hours, but are able to get into the "proper" cycles several times of the tday and accumulate more "proper sleep" in less than 8 hours.

  2. Hey joe. Cosmos here to truly test your faith in being. I only wish to connect with you. We have things to talk about man. Especially with all the pain. Just a hope and a prayer 🙂

  3. Happened to me. About two weeks ago I had a conversation with my parents about applying to law school (im just finishing up a BSc in Kinesiology) and two days later i had multiple ads to law schools on my facebook. I never looked up law schools, i dont follow or 'like' anything law related and i never searched anything law related whatsoever. It's fucked…

  4. Youtube has a "content-ID" algorithm which originally was made to scrounge videos for copyrighted music. Would not surprise me if it had evolved to the point where it picks up adwords or audio in the videos itself to market ads.

  5. I have completely stopped watching your shows mainly because of your faults information about healthy eating. Which is extremely dangerous and lethal for many people every day in this country. Eating plants is the only safe way to go! I might have left a nasty message earlier and wanted to apologize. As I have heard you were more open-minded than I thought. And this is based off of other popular vegan to have been on your show. Based on their information I feel I owe you an apology. I would encourage you not to continue in your ignorance. Please remember ignorance just means you don't know something. And far too often is taken as an insulting word. Anyways hopefully soon you will see the truth and all the factual data. And if anyone gives you information I would encourage you read how they conducted their research, as well as who financed the research. Have a great day

  6. The Walker podcast seems very interesting! Regarding what Martin said, you can make ads less relevant to you by going deep into the privacy settings of anything you see and opting out from tailored ads.

  7. Joe, you need to check out the youtube channel "Bright Insight" and bring Jimmy onto the show. He's expressed interest in being on the show before, and I know he definitely turned me onto your podcast more than once. Pay it forward, and bring him on. I think you two would have a fantastic conversation. Maybe bring him on next time Randall and Graham are on the show because he really wants to meet the two of them as well. Even if its just beaming him in like Durant was for Schumer.

  8. Joe Rogan, I think it would be great to have Odd Haugen on your podcast. A multi world record holder /multi strength sport athlete. He’s 65+ yrs old, former football player and body builder, turned World Strongest Man competitor and president of 2 nutrition companies (apex then dotfit) . He is also a main promoter for the fit expos and president of an up coming Olympic sport called MAS Wrestling. (He is still competing at high level too)
    On Twitter I reached out to you to have Him, Mike Gillert (his trusted strength coach), and the 4th Strongest Man in the world (soon to be top 3) Martins Licis. All live near by via newbury park.
    Love to hear the insights that could be shared.

  9. NEW PODCAST PLZ ITS BEEN A WEEK!! Ill even pay.. i need podcasts while i work and litterally everyones slacking this week 🙁 (your moms podcast, church, bert etc) noones uploadin tbis week 🙁

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