Ananda Hemp Oil To Treat Crohn’s Disease and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

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  1. Thank you ,I happened upon your site and this info.along with other info. has saved my dogs life.His seizures were so frequent and of 20 to 30 minute duration.He was having multiple seizures during that time.frame.watching him an his level of anxiety during the aura period I believe was the window of time to interrupt or prempt the seizure.In the last 8 months his seizures have decreased in frequency an duration.I still administer more at the onset because its trial an error .The good news ,he has had no residual impairment .Hes happy an healthy,his name is Ben a chiwawa ,he really says thank you.We are down to one seizure every 1 to 2 months.I believe if anxiety ,panic state an stress can be promptly alleviated the disorder whether among people or canines is the key to healing .Thats my opnion only .much thanx to u hope you are feeling better. Karen S

  2. cure for ibd I have ulcerative colitis.. cbd flower 10% cbd 3-5% thc grind up raw flower put in oven for 3 minutes at 300 degrees it's called decarboxation after you get it out of the oven (don't burn it) that activates the compounds in cannabis grind again put in size 0 capsules take 3to4 a day in 3 to 6 months you will be in full remission.. I had the worse case they have ever seen nothing worked was about to have surgery and as a last ditch effort I tried it I have been doctor free and in full remission for almost a year .. it works it's the only known cure for IBD..

  3. Have you tried lithium orotate for anxiety, it can help calm you down .It may be something you can add that may help. The usual starting does is 4 pills at 4.6 mg of lithium per pill .

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