1. Any help you can give a fellow Canadian medical patient would be a great help. If you have any old equipment or seeds I would be glad to take them of your hands. You know how hard it is to live on a fixed income.

  2. Hey bro the garden looks excellent I like the beautiful array of colors the buzz look awesome the triclones look ready to go and I'm ready to try it LOL you know me doctorado I'm ready to try it big shout out to you bro for your videos and for your grow I can't wait to see the Harvest and the yield you get out of that God bless bro stay stoned like me this is 1313 peace out, ✌️💚

  3. That is looking really nice Doc…Nice to see some awesome results with the NextLight and Remo nutes…We just switched to a full line of Remo and I'm diggin' the results so far…Thanks for sharing…Peace!

  4. Absolutely incredible bud. My last grow using my nextlight mega was definitely similar to the Jordan of the islands as yours. Super happy with it. Looking forward to the out come of this time around. Cap off to ye☺☺😎☺☺

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