18-Year-Old Loses Sea Goddess Title After WEED PICTURES on Finsta

Taylor Hamlin, the Maine Lobster Festival’s annual β€œSea Goddess” has been dethroned after someone anonymously emailed secret photos of the 18-year-old …


  1. Shut up WT!…I don't even know why I watch this bullshit…really it was just in my feed tho….buuuut anyways! I'm not going to say I don't support her, but I won't say I do either. I got a buddy that lives in Maine so I know it's legal there, has been for a little while now, but the thing is it's stupid to post using "ANY" drug on social media…especially if you're into clean cut shit. This chick is kind of conservative; she's into pageants and shit like that…unless u make your money in alternative/non-conventional ways: like you're in the marijuana industry, an artist or something, or just simply don't give a fuck about the repercussions, etc. it's never a smart idea, whoever u are, to make that shit public. Police could use it against u, it can prevent u from getting a gud job/career….it's just not really worth it just to show how much of a "good time u had at the rager on 420 bro!"

    P.S. I smoka da ganj….sooo don't go thinkn I'm against it

  2. This has to be the longest series of, "Drones," this channels has ever put out. I mean good news bad news, it does matter, Drone Drone Drone…. Is this suppose to be a simulation of something from the orginal Star Trek Series where they sit you down in a chair and as the ___________,______________ makes light and noise in your face someone speaks over it !? I mean is it…. Could you Be anymore Drony with the Background Music and Force Fed Opinions that we all shall share in our group mind of What's Trending channel loving !?

  3. lmao. Oh boo hoo!!
    She was a dumbass! If your thing is pageants…politics…public stuff? Then you have to keep a clean goody two shoes image! :-/
    She is suppose to be a role model in the pageant world! So she was stupid to think under age weed pics would be a good Idea.

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