Why NJ is fighting to expand access to medical marijuana

We fight for New Jerseyans like Leo Bridgewater – a veteran whose struggle to manage PTSD led him to take a stand to help others. For eight years, medical …


  1. Leo,
    First of all, I want to thank you, and your other family members for your service. You guys/gals are my true heroes. Thank You

    I have a question about NJ’s medical marijuana program. Was this just for you, or did it change? I qualify for 4 conditions in all the states that have medical marijuana. But not one of them in NJ. All they do are pushing me dangerous opioids and other narcotics that aren’t working that well. Plus, all of these meds have created other medical problems and the Dr’s just keep adding more meds to counteract the first one, then more again to counteract those. I’m on 17 different medications for 6 medical issues. The medicine they feed me caused the other issues. You know what I’m trying to say. Anyway, do you know, or know when NJ did or will give patients like me access to try medical marijuana? Where can I go online to keep up with our medical marijuana progress? Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Stay healthy, Thank You

  2. Great, I'm glad Leo has access to cannabis and while there is nothing inherently wrong with expanding access to medical marijuana; New Jersey is vastly capable of much more. New Jerseyans have strong moral values and high ethical standards of which Leo is an excellent example. However (while I agree with Leo) I feel burying access to cannabis in a mountain of insurance health care coverage and the issues therein is a step in the wrong direction. While Leo is being justly benefited; it's terribly unjust to forget the multitudes of good people that can benefit from cannabis. For example some of the best health care coverage plans these days have high annual deductibles, i.e. $3,000 +. Frightening puts it mildly, agreed? Sickening is another fitting adjective.

    That means many ethical hard working adults from New Jersey will pay thousands of dollars ("out of pocket") in order to receive the same medication as Leo (which I'm guessing is paid via tax dollars). Like picking up aspirin at the store, only legalization affords every adult New Jersey resident the right to choose for themselves. Measures astray legalization enriches either organized crime or medical lobbyists. For once let's put all our great citizens like Leo above politics. Legalize for a better future.

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