1. At day 4 today without a cigarette. I've probably chewed over 60 to 70 sticks of gum in these 4 days but it feels great after I get over each craving! 17 years of smoking…hopefully never again!

  2. Carbon monoxide is not a chemical in cigarettes, it's a byproduct of burning organic chemicals and etc. simple organic molecules that contain a carbon, oxygen, hydrogen atoms , burn to CO2 and H2O, but when there's lack of oxygen in the air , it burns to CO and H2O.

  3. I've been smoke for 20 years and Desperately want to stop it, Thank you for the tips!! Everytime I start craving for smoke I just Take a Really Really Deep Breath 10 times and Only Drink Mineral water! It's been a week since I quit smoking and now I feel more Healthy & Confidence!!

  4. I quit because i wanna get my body into shape and why bother smokin if when you run out you always got to bum cigarettes that's what i remind myself sometimes everyday but now it's been 1 month and 16 days without smoking and now i don't even crave for the taste of a cigarette, i'm proud of myself.

  5. I have smoking for 20 year and now i has stop smoking for 1 months now I feel really difference now, my breathing becomes really smooth now compares when i smoke.

  6. Everyone who smokes in this world I hope he/she die! Cuase people who smoke are stupid… Why they even started tho? For fun? Then the fun starts to be death… So happy death smokers..

  7. Logic song 'Nikki' always helps me not smoke when I need one. Go give it a listen, but here are the lyrics. It's about how he used to smoke and how it made him feel.
    "A free man born as a king, who died as a slave"

    Logic – Nikki
    I can feel you in my lungs, feel you in my veins
    Bloodstream only way to make it to my brain
    I tried some others but man they just not as good as you
    Going crazy cause I only feel this good with you
    Maybe I’m not as strong as I once was
    When we’re together lately I don’t even feel a buzz
    I’m addicted to this shit like it was hard drugs

    Nikki baby I love you but now I gotta go
    Cause in the end what happens you already know
    Probably wonder where I been at, I been laying low
    But in my mind I’m wondering what I’m paying for
    All these other bitches on my dick but I can’t fuck with that

    You the only girl I need I gotta have you back
    Even though you turn my lungs black
    Tell me where you've been jack

    Uh, I know this shorty that go by the name Mary
    I used to fuck her way back when I didn't know a thing
    Skipping school with all my homies on some truancy
    But when I ended things with her it was just you and me
    Doing me good, that’s what I thought at first
    Me and you together swear to god I saw that work
    Away from you though man it's just so hard to work
    Uh, my heart is hard at work

    We been together like ten years, goddamn took me as young man
    Everyday I wonder who I am, who will I be, where will I go
    What will they write upon my grave
    A free man born as a king, who died as a slave
    But everything he gave her was for nothing though
    Oh no I can’t fade that shit I gotta let you go
    You got me tripping like a flight to Vegas
    All this shit you got me doing man it’s outrageous
    All I know is I’m living the life I never would
    Finally let you go, I thought I never could
    Don’t get me wrong can’t forget the times shared
    Seem like everywhere I go I always know you there

    Tried to run but my legs won’t
    I look away but my head don’t
    I love it when you’re fresh
    I love it when I take your top off and we share the same breath
    I hate it that I need you, Nikki
    But I love it when I feed you Nikki
    I hate that I bleed for you
    Uh, I long and I need for you
    But I love it when I taste you
    Nothing can replace you

    I wish I could erase you, you’re everywhere I go
    But you’re everywhere I long to be
    And all these other people that don’t seem to understand
    I’m just a man they always ask what’s wrong with me
    Man you’re everything I crave
    You’re the only thing I let in that would put me in the grave
    I’m a king, you’re my Coretta
    But lately I been feeling like a slave for the nicotine

    Slave for the
    Said I’m a slave for the nicotine
    Been a slave for ya
    I’m a muthafuckin slave for ya
    Slave for the nicotine
    Nikki, Nikki slave for ya
    I’m a slave for ya Nikki
    I’m a muthafuckin slave for ya

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