1. The new laws, fines, jail terms and Strick regulations are set this legalization really sucks I'd rather quit then feed the LP's and pay to enforce legalization. Not one cent from me that's for sure…

  2. What is really going ON can i start smoking/eating WEED legally with out a VIP medical card and wondering if POLICE is ready to tackle me on the ground for a reefer I definitely want to walk and smoke i feel its time. Ohh and i dont want to operate any motorized vehicles of any kind im sick of them. Maybe if they had the 50-60's FUN COOL LOOK And FEEL to the Character of the Vehicle. This year they should have them filled in electric engines and gas safe emissions and not like the today's same look and basic all around no Art no FUN just mass Tupperware that's OVERPRICED on the streets stuck in traffic makes u wannaaa Scream, its prison like feel, these days. I'm not a ROBOT.

  3. Fuck Big Pharma because of one issue their costing is out of this world, 10 buks a gram and it takes 3-4 days for home delivery NTY. Im NOT paying but growing my own and using the BM because it is just as good and HALF the price and insurance companies wont cover it …yet~

  4. One problem with legal weed in Canada is our growing problem with obesity. When people smoke weed, they get the munchies. The problem is, that when people get those munchies they don't get the munchies for fruits and veggies. They instead get the munchies for chips, chocolate bars and french fries.Sure we will save money, but we will spend extra on munchie related health care costs.
    I still support legalization.

  5. lol you can get weed mailed to you by the people the government deems worthy but you it takes you hours for anyone to see you in the ER. I'm glad canada has its priorities straight.

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