Watch A Weed Expert Fact-Check Stoner Movies

Mary-Jane, reefer, the Devil’s lettuce … call it what you will, marijuana has played a huge role in movies for a long time. But how accurately do these movies …


  1. The only argument I can think of to not legalize recreational marijuana is that there is no way to prove if someone is impaired at that moment. This is an issue for driving because politicians will never allow people to legally operate a motor vehicle on pot. With alcohol, we have breathalyzer test. We need a breathalyzer for pot to squash the politicians defense against recreational pot use. The fastest way we currently have to check pot use is urine testing. Urine testing only shows that you used pot in the last several days and is therefore inaccurate since a high can fade in only a few hours.

    There is absolutely no reason why medicinal marijuana should not be accessible to anyone who needs it in all 50 states since it has numerous medical benefits with little to no harmful side effects, especially compared to other drugs such as opioids.

  2. First, he absolutely did this video high AF, you can see it in his eyes. Second, what exactly was fact checked in this movie? This was more like, stoner reminisces about stoner movies.

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