The Pharmacology of Cannabis Cannabinoids and Terpenes by Dr. Ethan Russo

Understanding the Pharmacology of Cannabis. Dr. Ethan Russo speaks about the science of Cannabis Cannabinoids and Terpenes at the Cannabis Hemp …


  1. These are dietary essentials that we should be consuming as a food and we would not need the medicine .. yes it is time for the Whole Truth .. Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Vitamins and Minerals we already have laws for plant and plant based homeopathic medicine ..

  2. August the 10th 2018 I declare that I have founded Turkish Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoid System Research Society. It is the first and so far only society/foundation in Turkey. I wish all scientist from every corner of the world and from every discipline be it from medicine or from economy or anthropolgy etc will contribute to this new paradigma which is almost 5000 years old. Dr Erhan Yarar is ready for further contacts on this platform too.

  3. Cogent presentation and easily one of the most informative that I have seen to date. Really appreciate the evenness in this man's tone and delivery which made it very listenable and easy to understand. Thank you for posting:)

  4. Why is it thousands of people who smoke cbd flower claim to feel a relaxing feeling? When I smoke cbd flower with no thc it immediately slows down my racing mind and I actually sleep great so how is it cbd doesn’t cause some sort of sedation

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