1. Thisakes sense. That's why people sometimes act before they think. The mind just responds to and deciphers the vibrations, energies, and frequencies received.

  2. πŸ˜‚ take it easy – it just a profile pic – no worship going on here. That’s just like saying you just worship that Barbie doll just cuz she is sitting there with you;

  3. Excellent information Flightboss, but we have a second brain which is the stomach aka gut. That's where emotions and feelings come from. For example when negative energy is around you feel it in your gut, not your mind. Like you said, the brain is more like a storage area for information that is used to analyze and decipher info. Love your videos. πŸš€πŸŒ 

  4. 1269 views 136 likes ….hmmm

    but anyway love this information, grateful for this man

    so this gives new meaning to being involved/loving something ……… MIND, BODY and SOUL

    the circle is closing

  5. β€œThe brain ain’t everything”…..that’s what she saiiiiiiddddd. How many dimensions are their in real life? How many dimensions can your eyeballs see and how many are there when you aren’t watching tv? I always wondered what raggedy basements looked like in Ontario. You could try harder but I knnnnoooowww you won’t. ~Afrodye-t #hehe

  6. Uriel when did you die in this life time and made the decision to come back and spread the knowledge? It's been 2 occasions where I had the opportunity to continue my transformation but decided to stay .

  7. Your heart and brain are even separate in the body meaning- your heart has it's own set of muscles that make it beat on its own… that's why you pull the heart out of the body it still beats WITHOUT being told what to do by the brain… but if you know your soul you won't have to battle between the heart and mind ❀

  8. Is there a possibility the Soul is decodeable and the Sun something like a Super- Matrix. Chakras, Spirit, Blood all of it we are posessed with. Humans are the most naive species today. Why technology should be the true. When we are pure knowledge not even manifested. Every System or Creation that is not yours is a demon. Organs, Solar, Astrology, Thoughts. Internet the danger plattform behind school ? The Pineal Gland is technology ? This means Eye is a demon. Maybe there is lost knowledge behind all systems ever known to us. Could be the matrix so super duper and there is no Exit for ever. Universe, Akasha, Solar System is fake all of them demons for our internal hell in the super duper matrix. Knowledge is far far beyond it. If it reaches someone he will be instantly killed. Possibile ?

  9. Mane flight boss this some deep shit, its so crazy I got love for you like I do ppl who been in my life for the whole thing, these mf on earth had me so fucking twisted, shit blows me away

  10. I had an intuition about this. Put simply, it was that abstraction=more possibilities. The more possibilities there are, the harder it is for lower consciousness to see. So for consciousness to be able to navigate, it needs to subdivide the abstract until it can understand it. This is why we get musical scales, platonic shapes and the color wheel.

  11. Before i watch your always right and since ive been listening to you i have left everything and or everyone trying to be higher than mi and now mi Ase is stronger then Iron Fist thanks for reminding mi I've got the power and your music is dope as hell Alafia that means peace and Ase Flight Boss the God Uriel the Archangel

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