1. I am fairly new too trading, I think there is a psychological aspect that is left out of most technical analysis based reviews. This down trend has shaken the tree too the point of fear, where some investors have lost 50+ % and sold some walked with their 50%+ profits. Day traders jump in and out of the market, with profit taking or losses. I think this could be a major trend change. My two cents.

  2. Great report, there is the VIX which does reflect conditions as well as multiple news sources. The big investors know things can change drastically and not just from Trump but developing policy. Look for a reduction of negative news and spring springing for the recovery trend. The 3 month graph is dismal so get in get out to recover losses don't 100% count on long term recovery. Losing 70% 0f years profit and going to cash means you can invest wiser in proven companies not pipe dreams. Be careful, the upsurge in retail buys caught them off guard and now they the big buyers want to play the enthusiasm again. I see 1 maybe 2 more dips, $8. APH maybe $6.50 ACB. 350 is the new door imo and at these prices manipulation and real trading bots can trend these no sweat. P/E's are still whack out there on big three.

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