Ralo Explains Why He Never Quit Rap Music Despite People Bashing His Voice and Shares Advice

Atlanta rapper and Famerica Ent/1017 Eskimo Records member, Ralo, sits down with DJ Smallz and weighs in on quitting rap music, yes men, shares advice for …


  1. Niggas who shit on this kid are fake and lame as hell. Every rapper in the A is a trap god but nobody is talking about the pitfalls and the struggles of the actual damn struggle like Ralo. The ambivalence of success. I don't give a damn about a voice, if you're a trap god I wanna see receipts, especially if you don't have a fucking record for narcotics. There's people really out here suffering the consequences of the game and you go on datpiff and see 10,000 mixtapes from fake ass niggas pretending to be Meech. The shit is not cute. Dudes don't even have their work right, rapping about bricks and whipping when the dope and the d's been the wave for at least 5 fuckin years now. Just square ass lame ass sheltered niggas playing a role.

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  3. Ralo is a real good dude very solid…the voice was something to get used to but it actually adapted well as he kept rapping. Plus he got mad street cred and a professional street image. This dude 🔥

  4. Its so funny everyone talking shit about his voice y’all some real haters 😂🤷‍♂️why even click in the video if you know who it is n ur just gonna come hate lol 😴🧐🤓

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