Populum Premium Hemp Oil Tincture – Leafly Reviews

On today’s Leafly Review, Hannah and Helen talk about Hannah’s experience taking Populum’s Hemp Oil Tincture every day for a week and a half.


  1. Can you point me in the right direction or make a video on what temperatures to use in a vape pen for your wax your shatter your oils your butter your live resin because I got 5 resin and I have the linx zero and I don't know what temperature to put it on for the live resin

  2. Where is the hemp oil coming from? Lots of CDB products are using disgusting by-products from China's hemp industry. I would eat or put on my body any plant product from China. Canned mushrooms test x300 time higher for heavy metals than mushrooms produces in North America. Garlic powder from China is another bad one in many processed foods people eat everyday because it's cheaper.

  3. Hemp based CBD oil is not very usefull
    Because you need atlest some THC to activate the cb1 receptor in your endocanabinoid system
    Dont spend your money on those hemp CBD oils

  4. btw,,, a real medical dose of CBD is 50mg or more multi times a day, so a 250ml bottle would only last a day at $90 bucks… CBD isolate is 500mg for 22 bucks at phytofam…way cheaper, better, and faster acting… and yes you can eat isolate, or make ejuice with it…

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