1. Coco is a great medium but you cant over water in veg, once theyre big you can water away, I'll put it this way, if your plants cant dry out their pot in 4 days, your going to have problems, you can have them in a big pot just dont soak it.

  2. I had the same problems with co co choir and autos, I decided to go 50%coco, 30%worm castings, a little perlite, and a little soil, so far working great! ps Great video with great info!!!

  3. Can't wait to see the end results bro I know you'll clean up in plans few videos down the road they'll be looking great healthy again looks like you got a good set up there can't wait to see the yield in the Harvest as always you knew me I want to try it LOL thanks for your videos bro I'll keep following you and you know me stay Stoney say hi this is 1313 peace out ✌️💚

  4. Here is a supersoil mix that works great with auto's.

    SuperSoil – TOP HALF – Coco 40% ProMix 40% FoxFarms Ocean 10% Perlite 10% Bone & blood meal
    SuperSoil – BOTTOM HALF – FoxFarms Ocean 50% Coco 20% ProMix 20% Perlite 10% Bone & blood meal

    Feed with your favorite nutes at 50% recommended strength. When plants are approx 30 days old, the plant really takes off in bloom as the root mass starts to really grow into the bottom half supersoil. PH 6.0-6.5 PPM 800 for your feed

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