1. wow that Pineapple express is bringing back dejavu when i grown my very first cananbis plant strain Pineapple Kush. It had the most skunky/pineapple smelling buds. Hawaiian smelling. good stinkin

  2. Nice seems like a bit too much light for 2 plants. 200 watts each is good enough to flower those girls in. I recommend you don’t spray in the area you grow because it will get on your reflective material and it will become useless. Instead take them outside to spray them otherwise you’ll be cleaning your walls and light set up with all that chemical all over the place

  3. Those plants are made for outdoors you can tell they're sativa dominant. For the next grow I recommend you try something along the lines of the Girl Scout cookies or any other plant with a little more Indica in it. Or ruderalis.
    As soon as you flip the sativa dominant plants into flower they're going to double in height so you have about 3 foot plants expect that plant to be about 6 ft when you flower it.
    The Heights will prevent the bottom nugs from getting the proper amount of light and you could end up doing 2 harvest. Because the bottom will not mature as fast as the top.

    These girls are beautiful no deficiencies like the ones outside are showing.

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