1. Both sides look good. A real test would have to be equal strains on both sides same age pot and etc. But regarless plants look nice except the yellowing and health of a couple. Keep up the fire garden

  2. When u 1st open it up musr b a pubch ib thw face. The good kinda punch😊 Lookin like the OPTIC 8 is winnnning.πŸ‘ ohhh mann. Beautiful garden. πŸŒ±β™ΊβœŒπŸΌ

  3. I bought seeds one time and to me regular bag seed comes out just as good. I guess I should try the store bought seeds one more time befor I make a judgment, but when I have great plants with ordinary seeds why bother spending top dollor on seeds???to me it's like nutrients, ,,they just want your money,, put a few fish in the ground plant on top , add a few nutes in bloom,,,any brand nutes for bloom and you will have plants as good as any,,,so I don't understand all this hype of lights, nutes and genetics?, seriously there are only a few growers on utube with crazy nice flowers,,,I'm certainly not knocking anything anyone does hey whatever works for you and whatever you want to spend on stuff that's totally up to you I'm just stating my experiences like I said I'm going to give some store-bought genetics another try just to confirm my findings other than that I will be breeding my own as I have done for the last 40 years

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