HOW DABS ARE MADE – touring a cannabis extraction facility

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  1. That's nice what about the extraction companies that process bull shit for dispensaries. Dispensaries send these guys shit that has green cleaner in it and it tastes like gun powder. This should be a new rule that needs to be addressed in Colorado concentrate processing.

  2. Lol solid. Man really hate to say it but I need to quit for like another month just to feel these dabs again. The worse part is that I love flower so much but it does not even do anything anymore. Yeah it will all be worth it in the end :p

  3. I'll tell you Simply Tuck your head down. Next tuck your forehead down towards the arm that is bent and touch your forehead to your elbow area as if you are sneezing into your sleeve or dabbing sweat off of your brow. Keep the other arm straight. Straighten out your arm after you dab your forehead on it.

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