1. Dandelion root from Wikipedia contains : " Apigenin Through effects on cell signaling, inflammation, cell cycle, and protease production, apigenin has demonstrated effectiveness against a wide range of cancer types, while not showing toxicity to normal cells.[18][19] Apigenin is able to block the phosphorylation of certain proteins in pathways that, in the case of a cancer, are over expressed like NF-κB, PI3K, etc…[20] These pathways can induce proliferation, migration and invasion if not regulated. "

    Stan with the number of new treatments for stage 4 colon cancer – hopefully you will be able to extend your life many years -see this youtube video https://youtu.be/B5etynaW8IE Sarah Cheal, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York), explains a new system that uses nuclear medicine to target and eliminate colorectal cancer—achieving a 100-percent cure rate without damaging healthy tissue. Published on Nov 6, 2017

  2. Use Fulvic acid liquid drops from optimally organic to extract any herb for tea that has not been heated so you can salvage the enzymes making it more effective. I use 7 drops to extract its amazing

  3. Sorry for all the links. I have been researching for a year and a half for myself. Learning a lot, but still have a long ways to go. My dog, just sped things up again.

  4. I will give some links to some of the things I shared.

    Water fasting and Cancer

    Methionine Restriction and Cancer

    Anti-Angiogenesis concepts

    IGF-1 and Cancer

    Natural Killer Cell


    Stool PH (versus Pee PH)

    Foods versus Cancer

  5. If you ever get sick of Dandelion Root Extract, Dr. Greger, Nutrition Facts.org has a lot of foods versus cancer videos. He has a book, "How Not to Die" which I found useful.

    Garlic, Onions, Kale, Broccoli Sprouts, Brussel Sprouts, Red Cabbage are all high kill vegetables – meaning they killed over 90% of most Cancer lines.

    Blueberries, Apples with peels on, Amla (has to be lab tested), Triphala (has to be lab tested), Pecans, Walnuts, Cranberries, Lemon, Black Beans, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Ginger, Turmeric, Cloves, Flaxseed, etc.

    All of them are Cancer killers.

    He is low glycemic index foods Whole Food Plant Based (no processed foods, no salt, low oil) and uses getting rid of animal products to get rid of the IGF-1 and Methionine, which Cancer cells are dependent on. They regulate insulin and blood sugar by getting saturated fats out of the Pancreas (Dr. Barnard has videos) Lots of people are using water fasting or fasting using fruit 14 days on, closer to regular diet next 14 days – that is about Methionine. The water fasting is because Cancer cells don't know to conserve themselves if there is no nutrition present, where regular cells do conserve themselves and don't try to divide if there is no nutrition. Regular cells can convert Homocysteine to Methionine, but Cancer doesn't have that ability.

    Just giving you other things to try, if it comes back.

  6. You did such a great job with this video! You are a natural at this! I found it really helpful. My dog has a seriously aggressive cancer, which had spread throughout his body and I am contemplating Dandelion Root Extract.

    Right now, I have been giving my dog Beta Glucan (from Turkey Tail and Maitake mushrooms and yeast) GMP Triphala (anti-anemia, liver protective, apoptosis and anti-angiogenesis), Wormwood (works with tumors with iron in them), Tumoclear (a whole list of chinese herbs for shrinking tumors), Carnosine (affects the breakdown of glucose and affects copper), Milk Thistle (kills cancer, also liver protective) and artichoke (highly anti-angiogenesis) Yunnan Baiyao, which helps prevent him from bleeding out. Turmeric with pepper and a little fat (kills cancer through 5 different pathways) I do Turmeric two days on, four days off, because it can contribute to anemia after a few weeks.

    After watching this, I am going to be doing Dandelion Root Extract two days on, four days off. Can't risk the platelets being messed up too much, but the fact it kills Cancer so well in two days, makes me want to use it.

  7. THEY TOOK IT DOWN! PROVING BIAS against alternative medicine once again! your site right about the doctors. I went to reg doctor specialist and cancer center in NC and they would not even talk alternative but only pressed surgery and the rest of it all FOR STAGE 1…. even to point to saying i had cancer a long time when in fact i had a non cancer nodule that just turned cancer, trying to get me to do all the medical protocols that can kill ya faster! Cancer is only ones where docs are allowed to get COMMISSIONS on chemo.. thanks to congress fat pockets and mafia FDA to medical Industry! just insane. anything that shows alternative they CONTINUE NOT TO COVER, even though it has MORE success than medical prodicalls many times, and they do not put research behind it and go extra mile to HIDE IT, unless it helps in their chemo or with their RX.

  8. Glycerin is also extractive, like alcohol is. They steep the herb in glycerin instead of alcohol, they do not dilute anything. I am glad you are using dandelion for your healing, it is a wonderful herb.

  9. Hi Stan.
    I pray All is well.
    Hope also you are avoiding sugar.
    Did you read Bill Henderson book?
    Did you check out The Truth about cancer by Ty Bollinger?

    Did try the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mix by Joana Budwig known as the Budwig protocol.

    Are you getting vitamin D both by Sun and supplement with D3

    And are you doing oxygen therapy.

    Coffee enema.

  10. Hi Stan. Thanks for the information. I think a lot of people might be trying to follow Dr Pandey's method too, so it might help if I say what I found out. I'd read the same paper by Dr Pandey and his team and my best guesstimate for the amount of Dried Dandelion Root to take each day to get the same (pound for pound body weight) Dandelion Root Extract (DRE) as the mice in the study was 12g per day, for a 70kg person. That's about 1g of dried dandelion root for every 6kg of body weight. Our cups hold about 100g of dried roots so it looks like your using about 700g every 14 days which is about 50g per day. That should be more than enough if my guesstimate is a reasonable one. Like you, I tried to stick as close as I could to Dr Pandey's protocol for extracting the DRE. I first tried freezing (in the freezer; not liquid Nitrogen) the dried root and using pestle and mortar, but then later found that a coffee grinder reduces the dried roots to a very fine powder, which can't be far off Dr P's protocol, in terms of particle size. Freezing the dried root beforehand didn't appear to make a difference. So now I grind 100g of root and add to 3 litres of boiling water and then simmer for 3 hours as in the protocol (To minimize evaporation I use a pressure cooker without the high pressure). The 3 hours boiling and the grinding are important as they both help to maximize the concentration of the DRE in the liquid. After 3 hours I strain the liquid into another large pot, through a metal sieve. That removes most of the solids, but I then leave it to cool down before pouring the liquid back carefully into the first pot as, on cooling, more solids sediment to the bottom of the container and can be removed by decanting off the liquid. I don't like to lose any liquid DRE so instead of throwing away the last bit at the bottom, I pour it through the sieve with a square of muslin cloth in it. That catches and removes all of the sediment. (Maybe not as completely as centrifuging, but we get a pretty clear liquid that way). Next I use funnels to pour the liquid DRE into four 750ml glass shloer bottles and keep these in the fridge to use over the next 4 days. The same amount would last one person 8 days but I make enough for my wife and I to have half a (1/2 pint) glass twice daily so that's one bottle a day between us (some of the 750mls of water evaporates but it still leaves at least a pint per bottle). I start with a 1kg bag of dried root from a online retailer and using this method that lasts us about 6 weeks (or 3 months for one person). We depart from the protocol inasmuch as we try to drink the DRE at least 2 hours after eating and at least 1 hour before the next meal. That could be 4 times or 2 times per day depending on your schedule (and whether you don't want to have to get up in the middle of the night). It's in line with advice about, for example, when to take green tea to maximize the bio-availability of the EGCG, and when to take certain medicines such as antibiotics. Dr P's team added it to the mice's water, but I don't recall them saying whether they just added it to all their water and left them to it, or if they added it to the water the mice drank at certain times. I might keep a bottle handy throughout the day but avoid supping around mealtimes. Anyone looking for additional ways of giving cancer cells a hard time might consider (subject to their doctor's approval) combining DRE with a 5 day water fast (or better still, 3 x 5 day fasts spread over 3 months) for increased efficacy (See Dr Valter Longo's Youtube videos on the anticancer benefits of the 5 day fast). During the 2 fasts I did so far, I drank a 1/2 pint glass of water every hour on the hour from 8am to 8pm, so it's simple to just substitute the DRE for the water a few times to get the benefits of both. DRE and 5 day fasting cycles are 2 emerging approaches that could be quite powerful together against a broad range of cancers. A wholefood vegan diet (with B12 supplementation) along the lines Dr Gregor (Nutritionfacts.org) brilliantly describes also makes a lot of sense on the evidence. For a great guide to different anticancer strategies see Chris Woollams at canceractive.com. Thanks again Stan and very best wishes.

  11. Research Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. Here on YouTube…surgery, radiation, and chemo just kill you…and you don't get rid of the cancer it comes back even more…you don't die of cancer, you die of the allopathic satanic protocols… Please wake up!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing. I had colorectal surgery July 10 2017, 15 lymph nodes were also removed along with the tumor, 3 were positive for cancer putting me at stage 3. If is not to much to ask, would you mind making a video showing how you make your tea. Although your instructions are thorough, I seem to be more of a visual learner and I think many others would benefit as well. I have been following some of Dr Budwig and Dr Gerson's protocols, and have been feeling very well but want to also add anything else that can help keep cancer away. Thanks again for sharing and stay strong because you will succeed.

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