1. Hey bro I also have a few bottle s left from advanced nutrient line would u recommend mixing them with ur lucus formula like carboload voodoo juice n cal mag ?? What u think?

  2. Good to see some content on this channel again man. My vote is for photos this time. I took a break from autos too. Got Bruce Banner #3 and Sleestak skunk 7 weeks into flower right now and grape spodie (black banana cookies x purple punch) seedlings sprouted a week ago for the next round

  3. Great to see you back man….Question, how far away should i keep the light from the plants during Veg and Flower if i am using a PS 1000. The info is no longer on your site. I'm starting to see some curling of the leaves due to light stress

  4. I'm growing 20 plants in 15g,10g 3g and at this point some at 15ft and 10ft on outdoors I don't know if size of the pots really does matter check me out to see does it matter let's get it

  5. Plz do photos ma n p eace and blessings to u n ur family smoke1.. Oh n if u blast or own stuff my glass is always empty to see ur methods on that too I have a way that I like but we can always learn more ..

  6. Hey Bro not that it really matters but I been following ur methods to grow dank n dude u know ur shit just wanna as k oddly curious what's ur zodiac bro u just seem really knowledgeable in the topic

  7. Yup, it's the nature of electronics manufacturing. Some parts are just made with bad DNA so to speak. Coming from a computer engineer. And a reason why Samsung has great electronics because they try to make all the parts in their electronics. I always spec'd Samsung parts for any projects, but of course the bean counters get involved. Prototypes with Samsung chips would out perform the market product with other manufacturer chips. But of course programming for Samsung chips is also easier.

  8. Nobody ever mentions grower talent. Good stuff man. If you want to grow better weed, it's not another nutrient, it's you. Be a better grower. Peace Neil FloGro. Florida og

  9. looking good dude- rocking the Magnum PI look, again another good video with good information, keep this style of info up as there is so much rubbish spun by people that know stuff all –

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