1. Hey, we all just want to feel good and healthy, nothing wrong with that. Quitting weed definitely is the biggest obstacle for most, but as long as you detox correctly, anyone can get it under control within a week. If lack of focus, lack of ambition and laziness are way too familiar, you might want to try a program like the one in Nemery Thentel's website. Try googling it to see if it sounds reasonable to you as well.

  2. Hi. Thank you so much for your testimony. Keep praying and relying on Jesus. Through Him you can do anything! I like how you're describing the vicious circle of smoking. Ain't no fun. Stay strong

  3. This whole video is well said bro. I was smiling and agreeing with everything. I can relate to basically everything you said, especially the smoke, munchies, smoke cycle 😑 and God is amazing, that's one thing I think I forgot to mention, how he helps tremendously through prayer. Big ups to you bro

  4. I had to pause the video to say don't it feel good to know that you can power through life effortlessly without weed now? lol I know those walks in the park and reading makes you feel good just being in nature. It's like you actually appreciate life itself when you quit weed. You start doing a whole lot more. Living a more quality life.

  5. After reading very many of the posts referring to Weed withdrawal it has helped put my mind at ease (a little) hearing that I am not the only one going through what I'm dealing with at the moment. Your vid made me have some hope… Right now its hard to see 1 day away.

    Ive smoked pot chronically since the last fifa cup I'm 27 now but I'd say I've been a habitual user or "stoner" for about 4-5 years now. I have never really been a drinker, kinda got over that mid way through high school & weed has been my main drug of choice ever since then(so stupid). I've smoked morning, noon, & night & pretty much whenver I have had the chance for at least the last 4 years barring times when I've had school or work.

    I just recently (23 may) decided it is time to take a stand & not be dependent on Weed anymore & not let my life revolve around it. I got to this desicion b/c over the last month b4 I decided to quit b/c I noticed that it was starting to make me feel depressed, isolated & times especially late at night (thoughts of dying/death/afterlife (not suicidal) growing old etc.) that were just making me uneasy.

    Also during this time over the last month up until I decided to quit cold turkey I was really unhappy with my stucked situation with my university, career or my mood with anyone. This may have added to my depressed mood leading up to my desicion to quit. The feel of being idle. Everything came to a head last Wed(23 may 2018) morning when I finally decided to quit pot & I had what I would call a aniexty attack or nervous breakdown (from the unhappiness b/c of where my relationship was at with my gf, family, virtually no friends), the mild depression I was feeling from the Weed, school, bills etc. it just all came to a head & I broke down! I just couldnt stay that way.

    So this depressive thoughts of isolation even when i had someone next to me freaked me out tremendously, so I stared to reserch about "Existential emptiness" and i reallize that i had to act and not to say… So… I went to the roof. Smoked my last pipe of kieff and threw all my shit away. No matter the $$$…

    Well… it's good thing that I decided to stop smoking Pot & eventually cigarettes (I was a social cigarette smoker or basically only when I was high). But one baby step at the time…

    Ive made a plan… Easy no? start eating healthier, drink as much water as you can, & get exercise as much as you can, while staying away from fatty foods b/c that can slow down the process of ridding your fat cells of the weed metabolites that are storing in there. Lol… So easy to read or write.

    Thank you for being patient & reading my back story now I'll get in to what I have been dealing over the past 11 days.

    I'm on fucking Day: 11 & this has been one of the TOUGHEST yet BEST desicion's I've ever made. For the first 4 days of my withdrawal I had absolutely no appetite at all, was very anxious & restless & sometimes very emotional (crying while explaining what I'm going through to my mother, GF). Not eating would lead to nausea but my appetite started to come back after the 4th day & luckily I haven't experienced any vomiting or extreme headaches like some of you have.

    Buuuut to me the worst part about this has been the fucking depression or lack of sleep! (correlated?? Hum… ) The sleeo it's almost non-existent in the last 11 days even after staying doing things… My body will be exhausted but my mind is wide awake even if my thoughts are not racing!

    I've tried a glass of whisky… worked 1 night but then the next… I didnt continued 4 obvious reasons… So i stayed wide awake, & the one night I tried flu sort of pills it did absolutely nothing!

    The cigs only helps to come my nerves if I'm uneasy but does absolutely nothing for my sleep… Made it worst i think… It will calm me down if I'm feeling any aniexty but I'm already exhausted & cannot sleep & at night it just seems to chill me out but do absolutely nothing for sleep!

    So my grandma recommended Melatonin (a few years ago) to help b/c I did not want to rely on things like Tylenol b/c that shits poison & the last thing my body needs right now. Also Melatonin is produced naturally in the Pineal gland in your brain which regulates your sleep cycle so I figured it couldn't be a bad alternative.

    The 1st night (2nights ago) I took a 5mg Melatonin pill (recommended dose is 1-3mg but the bottle I bought was 5mg capsules). I took the 5mg pill at 11:30 pm & was out until 6:156:20 am. Not a restful or relaxing sleep but it was better than the insomnia & tossing & turning all night.

    Last night I decided to just take a 5mg Melatonin without any cig or sugar to see how it would work w/o being coupled with, & it was about the same..I took it at about 12:30 quarter to 1 am & woke up at about 6:00am ish. Again not ideal at all but better than nothing.

    I can not stress enough though the morning (first couple hours after I wake up) is the worst part of the day!!! From restlessness to extreme depression and some days aniexty it is terrible. But once it's time to go do whatever… the feeling tend to subside once I'm busy or active.

    I have not had to take any relaxing pill or at school the last 11 days but I do a cig in the evenings when I'm just ready to explode. Feeling uneasy. My minds been racing, I have slight fits of aniexty or EXTREME depressive thoughts & restlessness, & even though my appetite is back I've been having loose stools almost immediately after eating.

    Depressive thoughts the worse… Not sleeping is still the second worst part though & I almost feel like I'm living inside my own head, with racing thoughts etc. I've also found myself just staring off everyone in a while when watching tv, while looking out a window when i drive, etc.

    But with having said all that I know it is one day at a time & one foot in front of the other. I will say though that I have not had a craving to smoke even though I know it will alleviate all these symptoms & let me sleep. But I stand by that you all & I have made the RIGHT desicion & can feel the new & improved ME coming slowly one day at a time.

    SOMETIMES I FEEL that chapter when Bart sold his soul… Lol. But i have some hopes.

    So plz hang in there & fight the good fight b/c this will lead us to healthier bodies & minds!!! I'm sorry for writing a novel lol & I hope this helps some as it has helped me to see we are not alone! replies & comments are welcome : )

    & Remember : "oppurtunities multiply once they are seized"

    Tw MicIsWrong

    [A choking hug to all of you]
    [un abrazo asfixiante a todos]

  6. For whatever it's worth, I'm so proud of you. I'm proud of God working in you! This is a TESTIMONY! Keep your head up. He's got you WOKE and on a new level. While others are functioning like chickens, pecking at the ground and lacking ambition and purpose, you're being prepared to soar like an eagle, rising above the mundane and uninspired and attaining the higher calling He's had for you since the beginning of time. -Big hugs from the United States of Texas.

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