1. Just subbed bro. Some strains makes my anxiety boosted and sometimes gets me depressed, but the white buffalo strain really helped. It gets ya high as fuck and you don't feel bad. Another tip is do something you love to do like play guitar or chilling with ya buddies, and you'll not get worried about life at that moment. Anyway your content is amazing and inspiring, you deserve much more subs. One Love.

  2. Great video buddy ! °(9_9)/° I was wondering when you were gonna drop some new nuggets of weed knowledge our way again ? I just got back from a vacation to Manitou Springs , Colorado . It was great to buy weed legally , and I think I want to go back there very soon . I did all the touristy things while I was there in Manitou Springs , and even made it to Canon City to check out the Royal Gorge Canyon . Next time I'll be in an r.v. hopefully , and we will do the Rocky Mountains National Park , and some things west of there . = )

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