Update I’m off all narcotics and use 1500mg of CBD oil for pain

I’m ALIVE and happier since I’ve been off Fentanyl and Percocet’s I was on them for 15 yrs and stopped cold turkey! (now I manage pain with 1500mg of CBD …


  1. That's great for you dear. I however have tried the CBD, ,and I can't use it unfortunately. I get anxiety, and feel so strange. Everyone is different. I have been a chronic pain sufferer since age 7… I'm 41 now. I did not start taking opiates until age 27. I took Vioxx for a few yrs., and then it was killing people/taken off the market. I have a heart condition that is from the Vioxx. So then, I began taking Tramadol/Ultram. That is horrific on one's liver /kidneys. I took that for a couple yrs, and stopped after I began to experience lower back/kidney area pain. So, anyways..all I knew is that my horrific pain was not Growing Pains..due to the fact I was in my 20's. Oh, and at age 17, I started going to chiropractors, Orthopedic doctors, Physical therapist , at home therapy, traction devices, natural remedies, acupuncture, etc. Non opiates are just as, if not more dangerous than opiates. As long as one takes their meds correctly, and don't DRINK ALCOHOL….on them, they are fine, and work great. I get SO SICK and tired of mainstream media, Hollywood, actually singing songs about drugs!! Even in the movie "Legally Blonde" ticked me off when Elle's friend tells her to "TAKE A PERCOCET" smh, when she is depressed because her boyfriend broke up with her! That makes me livid. And now there is a new song by Theory Of A Deadman titled #Medicate / #RX …. That too really makes me mad!!!!! I mean I never wished my pain on anyone.. however now I often wish these morons who DON'T HAVE CHRONIC PAIN, could just feel what I feel for an hour!! I personally have never nodded out, overdosed, or got HIGH on my meds. It's just common sense that opiates (derived via Poppy seed/plant & have been use since the 1800's & way before) are just pain receptor blockers. And so if one is in legit pain….they won't get high. Just like Ativan, Xanax, etc.. if one has horrific TMJ/Migraines/insomnia/anxiety, they too won't get messed up if they take their meds. Only if one is fine, and has no issues I mentioned …they will indeed nod out, wreck a car, kill innocent people via process/overdose /die! Especially if they drink alcohol. Sry I wrote a book. I'm just passionate in sticking up for the community of legit chronic pain sufferers. There NEEDS to be a way to stop letting people who just get meds to sell, or get high. They need to DEMAND past paperwork/MRI's/P. therapy receipts/ paperwork /bloodwork, with diagnosis on the papers from doctors, Like for example, I didn't even know what opiates were for yrs …when I as suffering chronic pain in elementary school/high school/etc. Shoot.. I have papers dated back from 1991. Along with MRI's etc. My folks spent a lot of money on trying to find out why I was always miserable. So if that doesn't prove that one is not a drug seeker ..Idk what proves it. Junkies don't go yrs without opiates, and have tons of MRI's other Xrays, Chiropractor visits (receipts) P Therapy, Acupuncture, etc etc. Thousands of dollars spent on various procedures/etc. Ttyl

  2. You're stronger than you know. Lord knows where I've been and what I've been through. I'm living in hard times myself. You've giving me strength to stay clean. Thank you for sharing your story

  3. Hi. I saw your comment on a special needs child's video. That told me that you were a kind, caring soul…and could maybe use some kindness yourself. You can overcome anything and its never too late to do the things you want to do. You look great and you should feel really good about yourself, with all the changes you've made. It will all pay off and there's happiness at the end of that tunnel. Stay strong and smile through it all:)

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