The Perception of Medical Marijuana to Combat the Opioid Epidemic | The Exit Drug

Dr. Garland Cowan from The Exit Drug (documentary) discusses the ease of prescribing an opioid and the trials & tribulations of getting medical cannabis …


  1. Oh I know why they're saying that marijuana can help you get off opiates because they have never done opiates and they have never gone through the withdrawal of opiates I wouldn't put that on anybody not even my worst enemy it's f**** hell literally hell you sweat your cold you're hot you're s***** yourself while you're throwing up you can't sleep you have the worst anxiety ever it's like having an anxiety attack that never stops and on top of that the pain feels like you have Napalm bomb blowing up in your bones now tell me how the f*** does marijuana help you with all of that don't get me wrong I love marijuana I think it is a miracle plant that can help Millions but I don't think it can help with the withdrawal of opiates or heroin I have not met one person yet that got Sober by just smoking weed and the medicine that they give you is f*** up to its opiate blocker that still get you high and you have to withdraw off the Suboxone the doctor gave to you and some people say that's even worse than kicking opiates it's a never-ending cycle doctors give you medicine that has opiates in it and they say they want you to quit and have a better life but they don't tell you that the medicine they're going to give you is going to make you sick after you stop taking it withdrawal worse than it withdrawing off opiates and you get dependent to it it's like the government does not want opiate addicts to get off opiates they just keep on giving us s*** that's going to kill us so I understand why you guys say that marijuana will help you kick opiates but if you've never been there and I've never had to go through that pain and suffering then why say marijuana is going to help you please stop lying to people that are on opiates cuz we are trying our hardest to get off I wish there was a miracle drug out there that can just make me stop wanting opiates all together if there's anybody out there that knows that answer please get back to me peace

  2. For my understanding in the UK they are starting to fight opiate addiction with psychedelic shrooms and acid back in the 70s and up people used to use shrooms and acid to get off of opiates not marijuana why is everybody saying this

  3. I don't know why everybody's saying that marijuana is going to help you get off opiates because I don't know if it's right now and when I try to get off of them I smoke weed but only thing that weed does to me is make my heart start pumping faster and my anxiety gets way worse I don't know if this is just me and my body or does it happen to other people

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