Target Haul & More! | KUWTF Vlog January 1st – 6th 2018

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  1. Love Vegan Cuts!! I have only gotten the snack box. So fun trying new snacks!! Have you tried any hair serums for your hair? There are so many different ones but they work really well helping dryness and smoothing hair. My hair gets really dry and it helps!

  2. Bought at Target….I love the Clairol Hair Food – Moisture Hair Mask infused with Honey Apricot conditioning mask. Smells great and leaves my hair soooo soft and silky. I have very treated, colored hair, and works like a charm! Good luck!

  3. I am in love with the Bachelor as well! 😍 The Wallflowers work really well and I keep one on my bathroom. Cucumber in water is a thing! It helps detox. I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day. 😊

  4. I have practically zero counter space so to make absolutely every inch usable, I bought a shelf many years ago just like what you are looking for, to go under my cabinets at the back of the countertop. If you do a web search for "over sink shelf" you'll see what's out there. I love mine so very much!

  5. I wish I was living in CA, on Thursday we had so much wind and snow and it was about 6 degrees all day, So lucky 🍀 70 degree weather 😩

  6. I have quartered a lemon and/ or lime slices and put in a ice cube and made ice cubes.
    If want also can use a whole slice lemon/lime in a muffin tin and put them in your pitcher.

  7. I'm obsessed with the wallflowers from bath and body works! I always have one going in my apartment! Also, the vegan cuts snack box… I subscribed to it for 6 months.. December was my last month and honestly wasn't cutting it for me.. The snacks were repetitive and just not exciting. Awesome video Kim, thanks!

  8. I'm gonna be buying one or two of your bags eventually. Gotta watch the budget at the moment….I know you understand. I drink tons of water, too, but I'm so picky about the taste. I only drink Zephyrhills brand…it's a central Florida natural springs. Sooooo good! Hubby says we'll have to get our friends to ship it out to us when we move to Denver. Lol! Hope you have a great day!

  9. I would really like to be in California right now, we are freezing our a**es off here it is -35 Celsius today but tomorrow it will be way warmer (just-3 Celsius t-shirt weather lol). Maybe we’ll go to the beach hahaha.

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