75% of slugs on the Big Island test positive for Rat Lung Worm. Cases on Maui have been confirmed. The entire state is at risk. A little bit of prevention goes a …


  1. I wonder if there are antiparasitic foods that you could consume regularly, like wasabi in Japan. Just to decrease the chances that the larvae would hatch to begin with? Scary stuff!! Worms are never fun friends when they live inside you.

  2. Dude this is creepy af!!! I grow my own greens and this really scares the shit out of me! I live in the Netherlands, so we don’t have any crazy bugs hanging around who can actually kill us.. BUT I’m going to wash my greens even better after listening to this lol… totally mental! 😂😘❤️

  3. It's gonna suck for the raw vegan's if anything. They refuse to eat anything cooked. But, this sucks in general for everybody who loves and knows how vital it is for us to eat our daily greens to get our nutrition. Am all the way in Chicago and feel paranoid myself. Haha

  4. Wow, what a horrible thing to have…plus all of that vigilance and washing washing…how about vinegar, salt, etc to use to soak and then rinse…

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic Lilly. We spent 6 months on the Big Island in 87, & spend a few weeks at Thanksgiving and Christmas there & it feels like home. But this year, having read about the Rat Lung disease concerns, it was different. We stay in vacation rentals but I am vegan and was afraid to eat fresh salads in restaurants – because of exactly what you said. You can't be sure how the veggies are washed and there was mixed messages – as you mentioned about the slug trail being a threat (or even microscopic cut sections of the parasite). Anyway. I read that soaking your veggies in salt water will not help and I was wondering if this is true or if you can comment on that. I soak my vegetables in vinegar water to clean them – I would think that would help to wash them off as well. What do you think? We are considering spending even more time in Hawaii as we downsize and retire but this is scary!

  6. If you think you have been exposed to Rat Lung Worm, you may want to check out and I HIGHLY recommend, humaworm.com It is a company that knows a lot about parasites and deworming humans with specific herbs in capsules. They can help you with this.

  7. Great video, this also applies to the natural produce at the markets here in Mexico, lots of critters running through my veggies here too! I never go out to restaurants or get street food here either. Half the workers couldn't care about washing their hands nevermind the produce lol.

  8. We went to Maui last year, not long after it was regularly making the news there, and was pretty nervous about eating uncooked greens, ( especially kale salad, which I eat frequently ). We’re going back next month with our children, and most meals will be eaten out at restaurants, and I’m nervous all over again. Such a horrible disease 😰.

  9. Thanks for this information, got me digging. Seems it is found also in Florida, Alabama and California to name a few. And possibly due to climate change it is spreading to areas thought inhospitable to the little creature like Oklahoma. I live in British Columbia, hope it doesn't come here. We do get produce from all over the world though. Globalization allows these little pests to travel by boat, train, plane, you name it. Where does it end, so many things to consider with every decision we make.😦

  10. I live in Florida and the climate is pretty similar so I just looked it up and it said they found some cases of rat lungworms in Florida.. I work at a juice bar and I’m officially terrified.

  11. I first heard about this on a show, "The Monsters Inside Me". Kid contracted it, working on an organic farm. Horrible stuff, a bad way to go.
    Off topic… the hair's looking particularly lush today. 🌱

  12. Ok I really wanted to come to Hawaii but this is scary especially as a vegan. I worry about traveling and finding healthy food options as it is now forget any raw food. 😢

  13. Thanks for this video! I was just in Maui & got some romaine from a farmers’ market – and I remembered when you had mentioned this before so I made sure to wash it. I’m still a bit paranoid because I wasn’t as diligent as you showed here! But no symptoms yet 😬👍

  14. Thanks for educating about this. I remember feeling icky when you mentioned this a while ago.. horrible, creepy stuff. Larvae living in your brain, travelling around in your body, noooo thanks..

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