Question Period: Marijuana legalization, drug impaired driving, Kinder Morgan — May 10, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: …


  1. Dishonorable crimeminister and his group of cahooting ministers need to be held on trail for their crimes against humanity. Revoke their citizenship and bar them from our country.

  2. 65+ percent of canadian drivers on the road will be illegally driving for fk sakes..can't drive for 3 weeks if you smoke one..that will work out great…free for all the cops to check everyone?

  3. Prohibition of cannabis kills far more people and destroys countless lives compared to drivers who drive high.
    Prohibition must end as soon as possible in all civilized nations.
    Requiring police training before it's legalized is just an attempt to kick the can down the road and avoid ending prohibition.
    Cops should already know how to detect a high driver though. Pretty sure they're already trained in that.

  4. Where's the 65 000 tons of gold we held in reserve before Trudeau Senior gave away banking power in 1974? Hang the hill. MY servants all make 5 times my wage and do not labour. Hang these people claiming to serve me.

  5. Let me fix that KILLING MILLIONS of souls is not gods work it is the devils work. YOU cannot get into heaven if you condone the killing of millions either or if you look the other way. Thanks for bring that to my attention, I was too excitable with that number.

  6. Here in Colorado, we now have people driving to grocery stores after having smoked….you can tell because they stink of the smell of freshly burnt marijuana, they then get in to their cars and drive off. Make sure your law enforcement officers can accurately detect when someone is under the influence. The problem will get worse, when legalized, it is like turning a child loose in a candy store, usage spreads and becomes a daily activity with accessibility.

  7. Incompetent driving would be much better determined with a driving simulator. The emergency workers could also polish their skills with it. Also the driving inspectors could get great deal more done and much more thoroughly and the money saved would easily pay for them.

  8. Moncton NB COrporatew police officers, the paramilitary force known as the RCMP closes down all private dispenseries opening. Then begins constructing government run stores. That is a mafia. MPS and MLAs are gonna hang. Bring back the noose for traitors.

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