1. I tried shrooms before for my anxiety disorder. It was both great and bad in the end but I was at fault for it going pear shaped. I had the house to myself and I took 8 to 10 grams of magic truffle from Holland. I put a blind fold on and put on relaxing music with heads phone and it was incredible for two hours and then I took my blind fold off and because shrooms distort your perception my hand seemed ten times its normal size and I freaked out for like an hour. I knew it would eventually wear off and it did and I felt a lot better when it did. It's not something I'd do around people because I think it doesn't take much for a trip to go wrong and a guide or solitude is better

  2. very important you understand man made drugs can kill you      lsd treating mental disorders 2018      LSD Can Treat Mental Disorders By 'Harmonizing' The Brainwww.newsweek.com/lsd-treatments-can-treat-mental-disorders-harmonizing-brain-82…Cached9 hours ago – Psychedelics substances, such as LSD, are increasingly being recognized by scientists as potentially effective treatments for a number of psychological disorders. But the biological mechanisms that underpin some of the effects of these drugs are not always well understood. In a new study, published in the …

  3. Psychedelics have changed my life in a very positive way. Everyone in my life noticed profound benefits in my temperament. The days of archaic drugs laws must come to an end. Psychedelic substances must be used for the benefit of the human race, for the keys to happiness should not be locked away by prejudice and malice.

  4. I'd love to be able to get in to a depression treatment study using psychedelic assisted therapy.. no medication I take seems to help much for very long.. been struggling with depression since I was a kid

  5. Psychiatric drugs work by damaging the brain. Psychedelic drugs are no different. Psychiatry itself is fraud. Psychiatry's fiercest critics are psychiatrists themselves. You want a list of books, I can provide it. Again, psychiatry is fraud.

  6. Has the "illegal" aspect of these drugs ever kept anyone from experimenting with them?
    You know what takes the flutter out of social anxiety ? Speed. No need to go full ecstasy.
    We like the idea of purity of product in this legalized idea however we don't trust the FDA and what's in our food as it is today!

  7. A lot of people need to wake up to the fact that plants, herbs, seeds and fungus which contain certain chemicals were put on earth for a reason, to be experienced, respected and cherished for what they are

    Cannabis: No Recorded Deaths from Consumption

    Treats seizures and panics attacks, relieves anxiety and depression, increases cognative brain function and mental insight.

    Mushrooms: No recorded deaths from consuption.

    Treats severe depression, mental illnesses (Yes, mushrooms can actually cure common ment proplems like PDHD and autism) relieve mental and visical pain and give insight to ones "inner being"

    The only reason these so called "drugs" are outlawed is because they actually work. Pharmaceutical companies and organisations fund the government and the media to keep these "drugs" out of the question. They grow out the fucking ground, like, really?

    The government cant make money from them because it occura naturally and can be cultivated.

    You must be blind or stupid to not relise whats going on. Apologies to the people who actually understand.


  8. This is very important. Props to Reason. The clinically-demonstrated truth about psychedelics cannot be suppressed forever, and can help millions of people. Spread the good message.

  9. Psychedelics have helped me tremendously in my life, they are divine teachers. They are immensely free, non judgmental, tough lovers, who will help you see the truth of who you are. They go far beyond, our normal everyday reality, breaking all boundaries. Professionals tend to confine them much because they have "institutional" state of mind, but at least they are more open to them now, psychedelics are anything but institutional, they are a gateway to infinite, well it goes beyond language, its indescribable, words don't do justice. Its our divine right to explore altered states of consciousness, how so ever we choose to do so, to be self directed.

  10. I am positively amazed that ReasonTV would publish such nonsense. This video confounds me how "Reason" TV would align itself with such a dangerous viewpoint. What has happened to the reason in ReasonTV?

    It is not reasonable for ReasonTV to be pushing drugs. Why would it not be reasonable for ReasonTV to promote vitamins and organic food instead of drugs? It is not reasonable for ReasonTV to be pushing drugs.

    While it is a libertarian viewpoint that people should be allowed to consume whatever drug or poison they might like, that doesn't mean that ReasonTV should promote them.

  11. They undermine themselves at every turn by holding on to the symbolism and buzzwords of the 60's that caused the backlash in the first place. If you are doing serious and scientific medical research into the potential therapeutic efficacy of these drugs, try not making your conference look like the Haight-Ashbury reborn if you want to be taken seriously.

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