1. Mas tens que ter sorte com o polícia que tiver a abordar o caso em muitos casos os polícias tiram o consumo dos tóxicos mesmo pequenas quantidades e só tão a arranjar maneira de arranjar problemas purque imaginem que a pessoa não tem mais dinheiro vai ter que ir roubar .E a polícia sabe disso mas não quer ivitar isso.

  2. I'am natural from Portugal  and i can give you shure that this cop say lies ^.^   They arrest for shure if have drugs with even under the ilegal  Weight you will get chained to the police department and in minimum you get a big bill to pay.. Sorry bad english but you can understand it i think ^.^

  3. nice film.
    just one thought: Running around while talking is kind of exhausting to listen to. I know people always try to make a movie exciting and there are a lot of cuts so the audience isnt falling asleep. But if you kind of running (last szene) and talking so loud, its more kind of restless and makes me nervous… Would prefer some slower moves and more relaxed voice. Not like a turtle; but also not like a monkey on a tree 🙂
    Looking forward to see more videos 🙂

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