Paradoxical Effects Of Cannabis

Hello my name is Trina and I am a Medical Cannabis Patient. I partake of Cannabis on a regular basis for PTSD, Arthritis in both of my knees and ankles, social …


  1. Great video, buddy. You look great and the subject is thought provoking.I love that shirt! Did you make it? I love that you like STNG too. There are so many parallels in our lives, it never ceases to amaze me when another one pops up! Cheers, buddy. You are SO right about self-hatred. Age and cannabis have helped me accept myself as well. Really enjoying catching up on your video. Keep smiling and toking! Meditation is really important for me when things get too chaotic. I admit that I don't meditate every day but most days I do not have any music/tv/distraction on all day so I can think and process a lot without going full-on. I especially find it helpful when I cant sleep. Progressive relaxation is amazing for that!! Cheers!

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