1. – 100 years ago, "they" took away Cannabis and Replaced all natural healing substances with inferior "Chemical" substitutes! 100 yrs. ago, cancer killed 1 out of 20 Americans, cancer has steadily increased to todays rate of 1 out of 2 (Half of US)! ''Cannabioid Deficiencies" are killing US!. People don't want to believe Our Presidents Lie about Pot, most people think, If the gov. had a Cure for cancers & diseases, they would tell us, they don't get it, if the gov. came clean about their 1974 research, etc., they would be in big trouble! Nixon and the DEA have hidden the results and truth, along with other recent administrations. The Media is very Quiet and Gov. agencies are finally admitting it kills cancer, however, NOT announcing it should be Criminal! "The war on Cancer" is the biggest scam in human history. It is time to stop the corrupt "War on Drugs". The famous ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote: “Nature heals. The doctor’s task consists in strengthening the natural healing powers, to direct them, and especially not to interfere with them.” The immune system is your number one defense against any disease – not a vaccine.Most natural medicine is designed to treat the body holistically, not to “cure” one disease only to have it transform and mutate into another ailment.
    The DEA has spent over 1 Trillion dollars mostly fighting ''marijuana/cannabis"-gov. agencies spent another trillion on media/ campaigns to influence Your Perception,…now do you understand?! Something is Seriously Wrong with the Law, it's always been about keeping US away from "The Everything Plant"! Nothing Else Can create potential Freedom for Everyone. Pot Raids are Horrific Violence and has been going on since Nixon, stealing personal property while destroying families and killing pets, all for "what we need to be Healthy"! We "ALL" Are Loosing, the Everything Plant is our Only way to Restore Natural Balance, back to the Earth. Just like George Washington said "plant it everywhere"! At least 34 cancers (so far) have been attributed to Cannabinoid Deficiencies, Cancers and Diseases have steadily increased since pot prohibition, we are getting worse every year and most don't even Know WHY! If 64% of the Public supports Legalizing "Marijuana" by 2016, then Why does Only 5% of Congress?! 13 pro marijuana Bills , were killed in 2017, they faced stiffed Opposition from the majority of Congress! These Same Congress members receive Millions of $ from; big pharma, big alcohol, private prisons inc., etc. who All view pot legalization as a Threat to their profits. Congress make more in donations (legal bribes) than they make from their paychecks! Our world would have been completely different had we heed the Warnings of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905! He fore-warned "Not to Allow Contributions (donations) by corporations to any political committee or for Any Political Purpose, should be Forbidden By Law! Our System is broken! Now look at Our poisoned planet, people and now, pollution is the biggest (silent) Killer.
    Did you hear the news? The Pot plant IS the "Everything Plant"! I was hoping that you read my posts and was in awe of what the everything plant can do (mind-blowing) and how WE ARE (as a nation) brainwashed against it! We are all victims. Your computer should have been "made" out of POT! From far superior Batteries to Smart phones, from Water Bottles to Toilet Paper, from Bridges to Skyscrapers, from soaking up Radiation to purifying Farming Soil, from repairing our DNA to Optimal Health, "Cannabis" can do it ALL much better! We NEED to expose the greed and Utilize to the fullest, everywhere.
    The Earth is running out of precious natural resources and they don't want to use the most "productive, cost efficient, available, etc. resource, the "Cannabis Plant", that could replace all materials and do a much better job while creating half the pollution of todays flawed materials. All plastics ever made, are still here and what DuPont won't tell us, is after 100 years, when biodegrading, plastics become extremely toxic. Petroleum is in the majority of products and when it degrades, it is very toxic. "They" are making trillions of $ going around pot, creating a TOXIC WORLD! Pollution is now the largest cause of Death, We are being Poisoned because WE Never had any Choices for N.E.S. Instead of telling US about Free Energy, they Lied about Everything, about the Everything Plant. Land of the Fear, home of the Blind, our environment on a downward glide, is what "they" created. Learn the Truth, simply put, if everyone knew that pot has 50,000 Benefits for Healthier, More Prosperous, Sustainable Improvements (for everything) , then We would All be "Embracing the Everything Plant". We are slowly being Poisoned for "their" Greed. Wear a "PotMan T-shirt" and be a Visual and Vocal Advocate for imperative Change! Help spread the "best kept secret" of the Most Important Information about the most useful plant that Helps Create the most Sustainable, civilized, intelligent world (so they don't poison everything).

  2. Maybe if we stopped associating the word marijuana with the word cannaboid and hemp, then maybe just maybe we could change societies ridiculous thoughts that we would have a society of high people on the streets. So this is where the movement needs to start, we have to change the language and educate and separate it's medical uses from the traditional smoking. If government already has the patent on it, then let's change the language and get a move on. Stop comparing marijuana to cannaboids (CBD's). That's like comparing Agave (Tequila) to Agave (Sugar). See the difference one is used to get drunk, the other used in foods. Well that's my crude description anyway.

  3. Americans need to be outraged that pharmaceutical giants have bribed our elected officials!! That's the problem here! They refuse to see the benefits cannabis has! Regardless of all the proof! That means our politicians need to be physically removed!! They are corrupt and George Washington himself said it himself to do so!. God nobody gets outraged enough here.

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