1. Hey Bro. I have been smoking Weed for a year. Since I liked it a lot from the beginning, I started smoking almost every day for a whole year. I have never had any physical or mental problems with the weed. Even if I was extremely stoned, there were no problems. But a two weeks ago I suddenly got strong heart racing for no reason, which was getting worse and worse. I got panic and the panic made things even worse. I started shaking and getting cramps in my arms and fingers. It felt like my heart was ripping out of my chest and I had to die. Fortunately, after about an hour, everything was fine again. It was a very bad experience. I have no idea why this happened to me because I've never been afraid of smoking Weed, I never thought I'd get such bad side effects. Weed always made me feel good, every single day. But since this happened to me, I am afraid of smoking weed.
    Since that happened to me, I get these problems every time I smoke. Since this happened to me a two weeks ago, tried it 2 more times, and got the same problems both times. Maybe because I constantly have to think about the bad experience. I have to get my thoughts free again so I do not think about the bad experience anymore. But I don't know how to do that . I stop smoking weed until my brain is fixed again. Could you please help me?

  2. Don't be hard on yourself for having to take something to keep yourself sane during this time you are mentally going through hell!! Something heavy happened to me years ago then I had anxiety they gave me prozac as well, I was staring into space drooling hearing helicopters lol 2 days I was done with that. Lorazepam will calm you right down I took it for a month it doesn't have a bad effect on the mind like that you will be relaxed.You are keeping your mind in check but your stress needs to come out somehow thats usually is the root of anxiety attacks if your having night terrors and can't sleep zoplicone its very light 5mg and you will have a great sleep.Bless your heart*

  3. Been smoking for about 5 years now pretty much daily for 2 years and have always been able to smoke a whole zip in a sitting or go through a gram of dabs in a night type shit and always felt absolutely great until about a week ago normal ass day nothing out of the normal but when I was chillen I smacked a few dabs and all the sudden felt my chest going wild and at the time I had no knowledge of weed anxiety or anything other than weed just making me high asf and feel nice. So unfortunately I started tweaking out a bit feeling my heart rate going crazy, pacing around my room, started thinking I was about to have a heart attack or something so I ended up just saying fuck it and putting my self to sleep cause i didn’t know what was happening. Woke up the next day still feeling weird like something changed and so I looked up everything up and found out it was most likely due to anxiety(which I’ve never had any types of anxiety or anxiety attacks ever) but now ever since that day i can’t get the thought of my heart rate tweaking out out of my head even though ik it’s all just in my head and that obviously weed don’t kill or hurt nobody so I’ve tried to smoke everyday since than going in to it with different mindsets like telling myself it’s just the weed tweaking me out and making sure I breath normal but every time still it ends up still giving me discomfort and makes me feel like my hearts going crazy which is super frustrating because I’m at the point where Ik I just have to relax and ignore the thoughts that the way I’m feeling isn’t okay, but even when I do that it seems like me knowing that I’m trying to do something to prevent just guarantees it’s going to happen so I’m kinda now just annoyed with everything because I fucked with getting big fried it was my main thing to do when I got home from work to relax and just have a good night and now it makes me not want to smoke just because it does the opposite of make me feel relaxed now. Ik you ain’t no doctor but u seem to know a lot more about this shit than me so if u got any tips or suggestions on things/ways I could do to break the cycle of it happening every single time I smoke.

  4. I am no stranger to weed anxiety… lol… Depending on if it's reggie or loud, I have sort of an internal understanding of my toke max… there's a line I cross where I go from GOOD to OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT…. LOL… But whenever I cross that line by accident now, I am usually able to get through it. USUALLY. lol

  5. I don’t smoke anymore but when I did I would just start laughing and say out loud “ohhhhhh yeeeah I forgot I got high!” But then everyone would start laughing after that. Lol

  6. I’m back smoking bro but I take it easy tho but the paranoid shit still happens sometimes I’m think it’s just from over thinking tho but it’s all good I’m trynna get off backwoods but it’s hard but can be harsh

  7. Bro got fired headed back to Cali pissed..mire pissed because now i gotta go back to the land of witchcraft and meth…my experience is the strongest there..only means of support tbere is dealing with leads to smoking..which leads to one of these witches/dope fiend/girlfriend to totally fuck my mind up…i pray i dont falter in the belly of the beast…sometimes i wonder if tbe reality or life is meant to be like this..in Gods name i pray for wisdom protection and strength..check on me sometimes

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