JUUL YOUR TRUCLEAR | Florida Medical Marijuana

This Florida medical cannabis video tutorial is for ADULTS only & it is for informational, money-saving purposes. Hey guys! A lot of people have asked me about …


  1. The oil 1 g syringe from Trulieve just tried the Climbin time and I really like it a lot good flavor good taste really good good it really helps you a lot it made me happy for no reason but I kind a liked it thank you for suggesting it when I was watching when your videos I went to the dispensary today and ask them if they had it and they did thank you for suggesting this is a very good one Clementine I That one too

  2. I have a tru clear seringe when you take the top cap off there is still another plastic peice that comes even with the tip how do you take that plastic peice off please show in one of your next videos

  3. Hey ellie k. sent you an email regarding this and another method I personally use. Let me know if you got it! I don't know how to send a message on here anymore?? From a member of the Florida Medical Marijuana Community! (904) LOL

  4. is this legal to have on you if you were in ur car or something and got pulled over. I thought both the battery and cart had to be from a dispensary? or would this just be for home use

  5. Ellie, you are killing it! You are making all the right videos right now! Extremely helpful for newbies in the fl mmj registry. I'd love to hear more about the actual effects of the strain for your anxiety. Much love from Pensacola! Ive got notifications turned on girl! Do your thang!

  6. Holy shit! Definitely trying this, I can’t really put the trustik in my pocket. Nicotine is my only β€œvice”, I don’t really consider it bad- or at least not any worse than caffeine. Excited to see what you think of the Trulieve 1:1 vs the Surterra. Really digging this spray. Really, really digging it out of a trupod.

  7. Cool, even cheaper than Vfire pods! I am curious though, for long-term use; where do these j-pods pull from? The Cora pods required it to be filled past a certain "pull line" for you to actually get vapor. The vfire pods (like trupods) pull from the bottom of the cartridge, so if these j-pods have a similar bottom-pull thing, I'd definitely get a juul for this.

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