Joe Rogan – KRATOM and OPIODS, Pot creates “psychic growth”, Minimum Wage

Joe Rogan talks about Kratom, the opioid epidemic, the pot debate, and minimum wage. For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1085 – Kyle …


  1. Ive been smoking for awhile now about 15 years "cannabis" … smoking now 🙂 ..and id say everyone should "who hasnt smoked" listen to joe! Take a "ONE" toke and sit back and see how that feels then try more. Weed will scare u away if u smoke to much, that being said its only cuz the weeds so fucking good now days. 😆 u gotta smoke over that "hump" that freaks u out! That holy shit im high hump

  2. The Australian minimum wage seems high but when you convert the Australian dollar into US it’s closer to their minimum wage and they earn tips too. We need a higher minimum wage because things cost more here. It’s seems fairly even to me when you look at it from an Australians view.

  3. gosh Joe Rogan is so misled, pot doesn't create real psychic growth, that's ridiculous..if he really knew what was going on psychically after smoking..and kratom is very addictive and has a very dark side and can cause health issues over time, including nerve damage and vascular problems..and it's somewhat cardiotoxic over can also affect hair loss over time in certain doses..

  4. Ok first of all. Kratom is addictive and does have withdrawals. However there have been no recorded deaths. Kratom should be legal, it’s less harmful then alcohol and cigarettes.

  5. I've been trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I make $13 for an hour of my time but rent for a fucking studio is $1200 a month. Shit has got to give. This is the recipe for the type of desperation you shouldn't find in our nation. This type of situation only breeds conditions ripe for revolution. I've been really digging in lately.. Trying to figure out reasonable solutions to improve the quality of life for the working class. If you have ideas let me know. Ish is backwards. This is where capitalism fails.

  6. $100.00 an Hour to do a Trade. Plumbing, Electrician, Carpenter, etc…… People today want to work inside behind a Computer in the A/C. I do Plbg work, and I am not showing up for less than $95.00 an hour! We have the FED. The FED is terrible for the economy. They just devalue the Dollar whenever they want. Quantitative Easing????

  7. I am so fuckin SICK of that song!!
    And I know your next question, because I make a queue of videos and 'cast' them to my TV, if I queue up a couple of Joes videos I dont want to hear that fuckin song at the end. It means I have to stop what I am doing (cooking, washing up, whatever) and skip the video rather than listen to this FUCKIN SONG!!!

  8. I worked at Amazon,10 hr. shifts made 12$ hr. I was not making enough money to make ends meet even though it was above minimum wage, single parent 2 older kids it's total BullShit

  9. The ignorance about minimum wage is outrageous. A pack of smokes is $45 in Australia a case of beer is $70. Go out for a meal and it costs you twice the amount of the US. The avg cost for house in Sydney is a million dollars. Minimum wage directly raises prices which directly negatively effects those your trying to help. This numpty trying to use Australia as an example is a fool


  11. It doesn't mess with my memory at all, which is lucky. Unfortunately it does make me more aware of all my aches and pains, which is the opposite of what CBD is supposed to do. It makes sex fucking great though!

  12. Weed helped bring my creativity back, helped bring my dreams back, helped me to sleep better, and helped me to not be so self-comscious. If I take it and go out in public I feel like everyone is looking at me and talking about me. But I know they are realky not. Most of the time people are too concerned about themselves to be watching you. It's not worth having anxiety about.

  13. Joe obviously doesn't know what he's talking about, and this is why people shouldn't be able to vote and have influence on subjects without being able to prove they know something about the subject, in this case economics which he even admits he doesn't know what hes talking about. It seemed like he didn't even realize that the Australian minimum wage was in AUD, not USD (US dollars), the US dollar is usually around 30% more than the AUD, and we are two different countries with different people and politics so even if something works in another country, it doesn't mean that you can just copy and paste to come up with the same outcome.

    It also bugs me when you have rich people like him providing very few jobs while making relatively tons of money entertaining people, so of course they are going to have a warped view of how things work when you aren't paying 40+ people to produce products with which you have to compete with other companies around the world that generally have much lower wages and can be far more competitive when it comes to prices.

    Yeah, countries that are doing fine with minimum wages right now while things are propped up with artificial interest rates and such, but when that is no longer feasible and Asian countries keep growing and getting even harder to compete with then your going to be in a world of hurt and the artificial standard of living that everyone has enjoyed is going to collapse under mountains of debt and the West will learn what its like to have the East coming in to influence and buy up everything and the roles are reversed.

    So we have a bunch of rich people wanting someone to get paid a ridiculous 20 bucks to dig holes, something anyone without skill can do, and that many in other countries would do for far less, then that person takes that 20 bucks and buys products made anywhere but the US. Meaning our countries citizens have been able to save up a great deal of wealth, and are now willing to practically throw it away to feel generous, to the end that it eventually ends up in the hands of foreigners either through trade, or debt due to the ridiculous policies we have that have made us the most indebted nation on Earth. This is how we are supposed to build up a strong and sustainable economy where everyone has a "living wage"?

    I'd like to know what Joe considers a living wage… Because the people in China that we are having to compete with more and more are willing to take the jobs for far less and live in conditions that many Americans would consider immoral and even inhuman, but they are living, and blind altruism isn't going help our countrymen unless serious changes are made in how people are willing to spend what they do make, even if its very little. Propping up an economy that is already showing signs that its terminally ill so that people can spend more money that is sent overseas isn't going to raise our standard of living.

  14. If you have someone is unwilling to pay $20 to dig a hole, go find someone who is willing to pay $20. For the person needing the hole, He can either pay the $20. or dig it Himself. That's the beauty of the free market system. Thank God the U.S.A. is one of the few nations with this system.

  15. An overlooked mild drug option is wormwood oil. It's similar to marijuana in effect and I guess it's completely legal. If you can't buy the plant in a Whole Foods or clone then it grows wild as an invasive weed (free). Process by hanging upside down in a cool dark room for a week. Crush leaves as much as possible and cook over a low heat (below boiling) for at least 4 hours in oil (I prefer coconut, but others will do). Strain and cool for storage. Save the leftover leaves. Start by using a tiny amount (maximum 1/8 teaspoon) and beware that it has a bitter taste. Good in coffee and has many medical benefits. Bon apetite. PS: Don't tell Jeff Sessions about it.

  16. If you take too much opiods you will also throw up.. most ppl will throw up from taking 1 30mg oxy roxy for the first time.. what causes most ODs is snorting and shooting. UNLESS you are mixing with alcohol. You cant even OD from smoking heroin, you'll fall asleep long before you smoke enough to kill you, snorting and shooting is what does it, esp if there is fent in there and you dont know.

  17. I was insanely addicted to kratom. Was prob taking an ounce a day of really powerful shit. Had balls of energy then the momentum of it caught up to me. I’d only recommend it if your addicted to other shit.

  18. Took the words out of my mouth talking about psychic growth. I get stuck on this subject to much but from the first time I’ve started smoking it’s crazy how much it’s changed every time i smoke

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