I TRIED CBD! – Vaping CBD Hemp Bombs Review (My Favorite Flavor)

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  1. Hey man I’m thinking about trying CBD for anxiety mine is bad I hate my panic attacks my local shops in Knoxville TN have them but every time I use to smoke weed my heart would race and stuff and I do have a small heart murmur I had a vsd repair when I was small but I’m straight now just a small heart murmur but my question is does it effect your heart rate like weed? That’s my main question and if it doesn’t then I’m all game. Please respond as long as it doesn’t get you high and effect your heart rate I’m game

  2. I bought the melon honey dew, strawberry milk, sugar cookie and watermelon all 75mg… while I do feel like it changed me for the better less anxiety FAR MORE CONFIDENCE but recently I’ve left it alone I still feel the pros of it BUT the last 3 times I did vape I started feeling overly light headed and scared as hell so I stopped using; the very last time I puffed 3 times and the light headed feeling kicked in carrying until the next morning

  3. Hey man great vid btw, I've never really vaped b4 and want to for the medicinal effects like muscle relaxation n rest bc I workout, just confused with ordering the Smoke X Priv Mod, if anyone could help with what to get for it, sorry for being a nube 😂

  4. I am very interested in trying cbd vape with 0 nicotine without spending a lot of money what would you recommend I definitely want to try watermelon I think it would be epic as watermelon is good

  5. I got the 5mg gummies and if you want to sleep, not feel any pain anywhere and have ever muscle in your body relax, I highly suggest it! They don't get you high but I did feel like I was wearing a headband. Also got robot jaw and couch locked. Half a gummy and I was functional 😸

  6. For an isolate, this brand is ok, but you should really vape full spectrum oils. This brand contains PG, which is not great for you. I also found the flavorings made some harsh vapor the first puff or two, but I have not tried all their flavors.

  7. This is not an efficient way to medicate if you really want real cbd that is concentrated get yourself a 510 thread battery and buy pre filled and cartridges they are potent and you don't need to vape as much

  8. I been debating on getting the SMOK X-Priv or the Aspire Pockex. Im having issues choosing cause I know you need to have a coil wit ohms of around 0.6-0.8 in order to not fry the cotton and fuck your coils so im wondering since it seems you vape CBD in your X-Priv if it's worth getting for that and what settings you use on it. Also whats your take on the Pockex? Thank you and nice vid!

  9. Hey Jimmy, thanks for this review. When I went to the X Mod website it has a lot of spare parts listed below it as options. Do you find the heating element etc. to be durable or is there a lot of maintenance to keep it working? What’s your experience with that? Thanks!

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