1. The last thing she said ("Cause you would have a really bad reaction like i did") made me pretty mad cause pretty much everyone reacts to weed differently, and the fact that this weak ass fucking girl i saying that it was soooo terrible and that it will happen to all the people that take drugs is so annoying.

  2. Story booth pls report https://youtu.be/YH4VVsME3v8 (fake story booth ) for copyright and copying your very good videos,they already have 1.1k subscribers.pls tell story booth by social media or other ways since I do not own any social media (unless YouTube counts).Storybooth is so amazing with animations that most likely took so much time and no one else should get the credit.only the owner of videos can report a channel or video for copyright so that is why I am trying to tell you guys to tell story booth who is stealing their amazing content.thanks and carry on enjoying story booth.

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