How One Of My Friends Cured His Cancer Naturally (Cannabis Oil -Raw Food Diet)

How one of my friends beat cancer. Naturally. In a 6 month time frame of me living with them completely gone.. stage 4 terminal cancer. Watch & share this video …


  1. Oh, and how everyone makes fun of gluten intolerant people… smh horrible. It is bc the bread of today is so bleached and processed and even grown w such pesticides and other chemicals that it is unrecognizable compared to grains a hundred years ago. We need more seeds in our diet. Seeds have lunacin that is a rejuvenating nutrient.

  2. So True!!! Cherries cure gout. You have to eat a ton of them… Carrots will revert cancer cells, bc of the falcarinol. Colloidal silver will kill so many diff microbes, bacteria, viruses… Baking soda in maple syrup will kill cancer cells. Wish I could get cbd oil.

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