Global Health News Episode #20 | Cancer-Fighting Foods | DIY Cleaning Supplies | Healing With Hemp

This week on Global Health News, Ty & Charlene cover everything from healthy snacking, cancer-fighting foods, DIY cleaning supplies, the dangers of opioids, …


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide if you have a good source of 35% Food Grade, which is commonly used as drops for oral consumption for illnesses like cancer. Otherwise try any of the OxyClean products. Safest among these is the "OxyFree". OxyClean products are powdered forms of H2O2, called Sodium Percarbonate.

  2. Great work. I am just puzzled as to why after circling the globe and speaking to so many experts you still have dairy products and 'so much' protein which has been linked to cancer on so many different levels. Check out The China Study by T.C.Campbell. That is all you need to know. The bible of nutrition basically. I have downloaded all your videos on TTAC and found them very interesting.

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