CBD Oil and Epilepsy

Dr. Steven Wolf, Nurse Practitioner Patricia McGoldrick, and Dr. Kang share what you need to know about CBD oil and epilepsy. #LiveAtMountSinai.


  1. I have between five to fifteen siezures a day.. They are small petit but may they stop me and I cant talk or move… I swear alot especially under pressure and my heart races with alot of anxiety at the same time. I live in San Antonio and gave tried all Epilepsy medications and take slots ten pills a day for my siezures.. I want to try and talk to my neurologist about cbd or medical Marijuana options in Texas! Anybody have any idea what I can get???

  2. Thank you so much for the information. I have set up a Facebook fundraiser for my daughter, since insurance wont cover the cost. We live in Indiana have been to several senate meetings and finally CBD oil is legal in Indiana. But they do not have anything in place as far as regulations and so forth. I am going to order some asap online. My daughter has 50 to 100 seizures a day. She is now 13 , 14 in Aug. She is a member of the epilespy foundation of America and her Dr is in Cincinatti OH and they are not allowed to recommend medical marijuana or cbd. thanks for the advice again, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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