CANNABIS ( Marijuana) is IN the BIBLE and JESUS USED IT

This will shock you. Few have ever seen evidence, let alone proof, that Cannabis is in the bible. The word Cannabis today, may actually be derived from the …


  1. Try to get herb with at least a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. That is the heart high, that is where she teaches and heals. The imbalance of THC has created an imbalanced herb- the high is too much in the head, ungrounded.

  2. Thanks Dave for the video

    How do you feel about Ayahuasca? DMT or Mushrooms?

    Seems people are having direct experience with Love/God?

    Is this mentioned in the bible?

  3. Weed smoking =Burning incense to baal….it's bible…read Jeremiah. HE Jehovh sent HIS WORD to heal us….we dnt need phrmacia we need to believe the scriptures AND DOOOO THE WORD! Also remember that GOD told moses not to recreate or share the recipe of the anointing lil he gv him or they would be cursed

  4. Zachary Bauer 1. There was extremely potent weed back in the day even in the 60s and 70s. 2. They're not genetically modified/enhanced, different stains are crossbred to achieve the best final product, cultivators are just mastering the process. 3. If you believe God created everything and that it all has a purpose, what do you think God intended this plant for? -your response can only go a couple ways but I'm pretty sure it wasn't created just because it's pretty to look at like flowers (I find it boring to look at). Bees don't collect pollen from it. It can be used to make all kinds of things like clothing, paper, ropes, shoes and more. You should agree it has some medicinal properties by now with the proof we have now. If you respond with any of those, you're contradicting yourself. If it's all a sin, why did God create it? Was it an accident? Marijuana has been used since the beginning of time and was only demonized by the governments fear & hated of African Americans who were blamed for popularizing the plant's use. Of course Christians all know not to alter your state of mind, but that's because it can lead some to commit actual sins. Keeping a clear mind helps people control their urge and desire to backslide and sin. Did Jesus drink wine? According to scripture, he provided it for others to drink that doesn't mean he drank it himself. If it were a sin, he wouldn't be encouraging it. Not everyone will commit a sin under the influence of course but choosing to be under the influence should be between the individual and God. They know their limits and some trust that they won't commit a sin. Christianity isn't about religion. It's about a relationship with Jesus Christ on an individual basis. You have no right to judge anyone. Their judgement will come and won't be yours to make

  5. Jesus does not do magic. Magic is not from God. It is a mimicking spirit that tries to do what Jesus does and did back then. The oil used back then was consecrated. It was prayed over and the prayer of the new testament is that Jesus would spiritually purify the oil and make it unlike any other oil. The healing scripture says that it was by the stripes that Jesus took in being beaten that the human body is healed when one applies absolute faith believing that scripture. The problem with what you are saying is that the bible says be not drunkard. The truth is when you know Christ you can be called at anytime to do his service which is a spiritual calling deriving from the gifts of the Holy Spirit which is given to all Christians when they are sincere in seeking the lord. The Holy spirit which is talked about in the book of second corinthians 14th chapter is the giver of spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy and more. If you are not in a right state of mind, God cannot use you for Good to do spiritual things to aid or minister in some way to people according to their need. I believe that Cannabis is a natural medicine like many roots and leaves. But in the bible it talks about healing in the natural and in the spiritual. Don't mislead the people. No they are not suppose to rely on a drug to keep them high everyday. the bible says when a man is dying give him strong drink. When a person is low, give him wine but be not drunkard. all things in moderation. But smoking, chewing or inhaling any natural drug to alter your mental state is not of God. When you are high, You are more susceptable to demonic activities. This is why drugs are used in Satanic rituals. Do the study. Getting high is not what he was talking about.. If this were the case,then everybody that wanted to get high on heroin would be OK with the faith because opium is and was used in medicine back then as well. Opium is also natural. But this is not the case. If you are fighting with the addiction, Pray for strength to stop. But do not mislead the people. It is as if you are operated under an Anti-Christ spirit. The spirit of deception and lies that will trick the people in these last days very soon. Pray and stop this. You don't want to be judged and have this on your hands on that great day. Use wisdom and have love.

  6. Not convinced about any of this guphaw. The Christ message served its purpose for 2000 years and now is being re-assesed with the advent of raised consciousness to advance into a future which really doesn't exist. Only 'NOW' exists.

  7. EndoCannabinoids … We all are born with it… When our bodies, minds and/or Spirit's are down then the Cannabinoids from CANNABIS help rejuvenate those weak properties… Creator knew what was going on…

  8. Man dude hell no. You are amazing. I love your video about the God on the Old Testament is not our God. Bro you're something else. A rare gem of Grace. I see you're in love with God and an amazing content creator. It's great you have videos on Youtube and reaching many people. Bro. go to right now and create an account. It will link you up to a site called it's similar to youtube, but you get paid crypto currency when people vote on your content. With this much of an audience your videos should be worth at least $400 – $500. Go look. Go to and see. You'll see people talking about the stupidest stuff and getting paid. With what you're teaching, I believe you deserve way more money. I hear you with adsense, but please you can get paid directly just for your content. Stay on Youtube though, I like you are now, but you could have more money than this. Why not extra?

  9. The Truth Of Prohibition

    Cannabis Prohibition is not keeping people from smoking marijuana …prohibition has been successful preventing cannabis from saving forests, saving health & starvation across the world, saving soil , having cleaner rivers & oceans.

    Governments have prohibited an environmentally healthy planet. Prohibiting peace because wars are fought over resources & cannabis is the greenest universal resource plant God so far as we yet know put on this planet…the only problem with cannabis is that it is easily grown without pesticides & could make a lot things better but less expensive & that goes against Big Governments desires along with the 1%.

    Voting for anything less than full repeal of cannabis you are voting against everything else that can improve lives & life on this entire planet…just to keep others from consuming a plant you've been taught was a dangerous drug. Many are too lazy, arrogant or just plain stupid to want to find out the truth & listen to corrupt politicians hiding behind religious issues to get your vote … the truth is cannabis is a super food…non toxic…zero deaths ever…cannot overdose, can aid in problems like sleep loss, teething for infants, headaches, cramps on & on as cannabis is a universal plant that is good for many things because it balances the body with it's body strengthening nutrition…cannabis is a wild vegetable like wild onions. Onions have health improvement attributes but that does not make onions a drug.

    Instead of asking if cannabis fits a drug definition…why are we not asking ourselves doesn't food define cannabis accurately. Sugar makes one hyper, turkey makes one sleepy, coffee revs you up , spinach is a green it's good for you cannabis is a green it's also good for us ! Don't come back at me with paint is green it's good for us…no…paint is not nutritious for the body.

    Cannabis is a complete whole food it's been a staple in humans & animals diets as far back & we find relics.

    Prohibition of cannabis has not stopped smoking marijuana it has been lawed into only allowed smoking because in America smoking marijuana has continued and cannabis's biggest economic & planet conscious contributions have been buried & smothered for 80 years…because our founding fathers grew & loved cannabis the thc content was not even thought about except as a means of home remedies whole plant or to relax or help compose your thoughts.

    Cannabis/hemp/marijuana/ganja was the worlds most valuable crop for hundreds if not thousands of years. If you look today illegal or legal marijuana/cannabis is still the world biggest money making crop. Prohibition has always been a means of controlling that money by controlling the cannabis plant.

    Whole Plant The Way Nature Intended .


  10. Dr. Sula Benet has no verifiable confirmations from the Hebrew University that indeed the word in Exodus 30:23 q'nah-bosem meant cannabis. Those that look to the bible to support their habit rather than looking to change will be decieved. Not saying that cannabis is good nor bad because I am not God but anything that is abused is bad, and furthermore man has corrupted everything on this earth that could of been of benefit for healing. Don't be decieved my people the Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22 warns us about false prophets. Stay strong my people and be patient.

  11. Ok I get it. I’ve been there before. But how can you justify this? Do you not know that God will judge the false teachers at a higher standard?

    Don’t listen to these teachings. The Bible says be sober minded. I understand you like smoking weed but choose Jesus.

  12. The anointing oil and holy incense are two different recipes my friend. Incense recipe is frankincense, Onycha, Stacte, Galbanum, and sweet spices. Kaneh is mixed with anointing oil which isn't burned. Any incense burned other than this in the jewish traditions is unfaithful to the Lord. Not saying that cannabis is bad, but don't twist things.

  13. Praise the lord for his creation of the maker of this documentary for spreading truth on the lords herb .dear uploader/creator of video God bless you for Jesus resides in you because you have searched for righteousness and truth and have shared upon us god bless you❤

  14. Genesis 1:29; And God said "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Yes, God did give us herbs to eat. Just go to any store and you will Herbal sections to purchase for ingesting. Romans 14:2! Among other scriptures regarding the eating of herbs. Cannabis was meant to be ingested, our bodies have cannabinoid receptors throughout.

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