Canna🍁Minutes – News for the Cannabis Culture: Feb 2018 (Who’s Obstructing Legal weed?)

Today on CannaMinutes News for the Cannabis Culture we look at who’s Obstructing Legal weed in America? 10% Off in the Wizard Puff …


  1. I can take 6 Norco pills with my 90 mgs of morphine dailey and go to work but I can't smoke weed.. give me a break. I'd much rather smoke a natural plant then take any pills. America has a complete backwards way of trying to help it's own citizens.

  2. Hey it’s rob check out my page and check out my interview I used cannabis to get off opides An now I’m 4 years clean An check out the interview I did on cannabislifestyletv and would love to come on your show

  3. Jeff sessions you're a LIAR..until u engage yourself in a nice bubba kush session how tf you gonna knw if cannabis is bad ? Lying idiot. May Allah punish you and everyone who is hindering the progression of spreading this amazing green medicine to the whole of humanity. Amen

  4. Fantastic job Mart and crew. When we legalize here in Canada this summer, you will have many more clean stats to work with. On top of claiming their chunk, the overlords here will be openly funding research. Our medical cannabis companies are developing advanced products that will shatter big pharma. Come up sometime. Bring your snowpants.

  5. this is some fuckery.. Im currently on Opioids because of an accident i was in, I was only given this option as at the time cannabis was not medically legal, Now its legal however ITS incredibly HARD to get in my area as i need to be off the opioids to even be eligable , and ive been on the opiods for so long now that it will take months to wean off 🙁 i just want off these damn opioids

  6. Smoking weed is better then drinking, yeah drinking I'd fun but kills you, up business strategy, yeah hello sell weed make 💰… Oh and smoking weed doesn't make you a bad person, for it being a drug is bad, for you using it is bad, but you using so called a bad drug makes you bad, CTFU where saving lives, just think about the people who donate there liver to people who drink, and that person who drinks keeps drinking after the liver being donated, so much for big change…

    Oh okay, it's an addiction, well so is smoking weed, even if it's legalised, your still addicted to it even though it's a MEDICAL DRUG because you need it…

    Just to get to the point, why would you even try to take something away that had already been on our sanctuary 🌍 👈, THEY CAN BUY OUR PEOPLE AND THEY CAN SELL WHAT WAS ALREADY OUR IN THE FIRST PLACE, BUT YOU CANT BUY THE TRUTH BECAUSE ITS FREE, AND ITS RIGHT HERE BABY!!!

    Smoke weed every day 👌👌👽💕☁ ( STAY BLUNT ) Exotic Weed | [email protected]–~B/YXBwaWQ9eWlzZWFyY2g7Zmk9Zml0O2dlPTAwNjYwMDtncz0wMEEzMDA7aD0zNzU7dz01MDA-/

  7. Liked the segment, but felt like more of a refresher, or where we stand type episode than a news update. Looking forward to seeing more, and hoping this can be a source for my cananews in the future 🙂

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