1. ok lady not all aries are bad , how do i no im the aries that shows it… im the 2arrior and im the best friend, im the light and bet i can be dark… aries can flip expeshly when the get hurt… but wen your loved by a real aries you are truely loved

  2. Well, I’m an Aries… I spoke up in early May and got fired for being honest and not doing illegal shit in my office like the others are done… it has been a very hard year.. I’m hoping a better and greater door opens soon…

  3. I was seeing an Aries and I always had a doubt he was sad from an ex. I gave my love (he doesn't know I could have fallen for him) and he pretty much ghosted me last month. It hurts. He made me feel that I was great and he just left me suddenly, changing things around on me all in one day. I have to see him in my centre sometimes which is annoying. It's sad. He kept saying he doesn't want to hurt a girl yet he hurt me. I tried to be nice and gave him time to be forgiven but he just made things wrong. Oh well…I wish him the best only.

  4. Your Christian Heart and Honesty will lead you to blessings beyond measure….. There is a big difference in guiding & telling —– You let your Creator Lead through you to reach as many people as he wants you too…… God Bless You and Yours, AMEN I have an unconventional way I see peoples GIFTS —- I have grown up and live by what I have witnessed to be true, I have seen food multiply beyond anything possible, I have held the hand of a parent whom we were at a funeral and I feel this power go through me as my mother spoke in tongues I am squeezing her hand but I started hearing the meaning inside me. My aunt had killed herself and my mother said via what I saw the MINISTER in a small COUNTRY CHURCH translate what God allowed me to hear the TONGUES defined and that minister said what others only heard as a loud chatter……. I am not a bible bouncer and believe there is so much more than we can even imagine going on around us…. I have been gifted since birth through GENERATIONS of a FAMILY that has been blessed by SPIRITUAL GIFTS…. I am currently going through a search that God has me on to complete this 50 years of testing and seed planting to grow into fruition. Thank you for your Belief in a HIGHER POWER and it is a GOOD THING that you are helping others and doing it the way that will not break a law of God. AMEN

  5. This has been one of my hardest years. And I know that the person I love doesn’t love me the same. And I can’t get over it. It’s been hard. Your the second person whose said that this week about not owing anyone anything. I feel like I owe my mom the world because I’m so loyal. But she’s very toxic and the reason I have anxiety. And I have to let her go…….I just have to distance myself from her. As soon as I do that I can be happy again. It’s very unfortunate.

  6. OMG, GIRL! Why was I just using that meditation before watching your video?! This reading is on point, btw. I’ve been hesitating about breaking a business partnership but I know in my heart it’s for my best interest. Thanks so much for the insight.

  7. I really like your style of reading also. It’s diff with the past, present, future. Reminding me I’m powerful and my transformation is attainable. I stayed in a relationship waaaaay to long! So I’m self healing and getting myself together as well as starting new at 40. I need to do what is best for ME.

  8. This was awesome. Ughhh on point with past and hurt. On point in moving forward. Trying for changes and new opportunities. I’m also trying to move and get out of a hermit stage. I’m having a spiritual awakening and focusing on peace and learning. I literally have used “dodged a bullet”. I want this new beginning badly! Thank you!

  9. People keep saying it’s the first sign ok that’s because the person or people who created it years ago put it that way until a real boss came along an changed that into power number 11

  10. Thank you for your reading. You were so on point. I've been dating a Cancer for a year n half n it's only been getting worse for me. He lies n is cheating manipulates me n is emotionally and mentally abusive. He laughs as I cry. He won't admit just tells me it's me that I'm crazy. I've been so confused n lost. Your reading and depth of concern is motivation

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