Why I Stopped Smoking Weed

Hey my loves! Thank you for watching. I think that if I was still smoking weed and had an unhealthy mindset, I wouldn’t be posting on youtube. I’m so grateful to …


  1. I decided to quit today, due to how I twist the way I look at myself when high. It makes me 100% insecure and I'm at the point where pot makes me feel lost and blank and don't know who I am. It makes me feel empty! The hardest part is going to be socializing and having fun without it! I can't drink anymore because of health issues, so this is going to be tuff! Thank you for telling your story! You are so authentic & strong! Congratulations on giving up crutches! I'm 40 about to be 41…. lol!

  2. I really enjoyed this video. I have an addictive personality. I’m self destructive and enjoy doing things that harm my body. I think I spend so much time being “good” and following the rules of life that when it is time to drink or get high, I go all out. Go big or go home. I’m gradually getting turned off of drinking and smoking. It is like my body is rejecting the substances. You have inspired me to do better. I deserve better.

  3. I quit smoking for financial reasons, I didn't want to it at all. It was an emotional crutch, I would get angry without a couple bong in the morning. I thought I needed it but honestly I look back and can't believe how dependant I was, it's quite pathetic. How sad it was to sit in my room alone smoking for the sake of it. My memory was fucked, I would have done so much better at school and college. Now when I come to think of it, it's just quite a boring drug. It just makes you giggle and then fall asleep, completely pointless and a huge waste of money if you're using it on a day-to-day basis. However occasional and medicinal use is perfectly fine in my opinon. I feel very lucky that I never suffered from any paranoia or any mental illness, from years of smoking it 11-18 years old.

  4. God if this don’t sound like why i stopped smoking then idk what does. It’s crazy to know other people go through the same things you do if not the exact same way. Awesome story!

  5. You are beautiful, your voice is relaxing, and what you say is mindful. That was a pleasant experience to listen to you. It's also pleasant to realize that you have come to this all. It's not about age, but a choice, and I also came to get to know myself back in 2010 when I was 23. That's when I started being honest with myself. So my point is this: glad to see another person being honest – It's always healing. And the fact people come to these realizations "earlier" in terms of age comparing to previous generations is amazing, logical, inevitable and exactly the way it should be.

    Thank you for sharing this part of your journey!

  6. I'm going through something similar currently and stumbling across your video well I'm taking it as a sign. I've been going through some stuff and I've been so torn about quitting. This video just gave me the insight that I needed. Thank you so much for bringing me the clarity that I needed. You are truly brace for sharing your story ❤️

  7. girl I will be 29 this year and am wishing I had the insight you have at such a young age. I am so happy for you to have made such a huge accomplishment and to have realized these things at the time you did <3 congrats and mostly thank you for sharing your story, It is super relatable with mines and I am inspired and feel like it  is do-able after watching this.

  8. Bell I relate to every single word you’re sharing here!! It’s comforting knowing that another human has felt the same way that I have through my life!! Im so happy for you!!! Really really am!

  9. This is such an important video and I am so glad you made this!  I stopped doing drugs around the same age and it was the best decision I've ever made 🙂  So happy you're finding happiness in sobriety!

  10. V relatable. I smoked weed 13- 22 and I can honestly say I don’t miss it too much, how ever it has only been a year. I do drink on occasion though. I love your videos and so happy I stumbled upon you 🧡

  11. Cool vid. You're not alone on that stuff. I've recently replaced the habit with meditation. It's way more uplifting and can get you in tune with your body and thoughts.

  12. A little scientific point of you about your experience.Our brains works around at 8k-10k Hertz.When you are using marijuana the speed of your brain can drop from 9k to 8k but you still being functional.If you continue to smoke week,after a period of time your brain won't be able to work properly (below 8k) and you will start having problems in your body.

  13. You are literally so freaking pretty💖😍 your teeth are so perfect I’m proud of you for being able to let go. I wish it was that easy for me. Every time I start to hurt or I start too think too much I always wanna smoke because I can just let go but when I do and I stop I feel so sad and worthless I wish it wasn’t like that I love your videos💖

  14. I'm so happy that you stopped smoking I can't understand why people created well I mean I know that they wanted to forget things they didn't like but WHY would someone want to let a substance take his or her body and live in it and do whatever it wants I wish one day alla these substance get destroyed so people won't waste their life or die for it

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