Sessions testifies before the Senate – “There may well be some benefits from medical marijuana”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the 2019 Justice Dept. budget. He added “It’s perfectly appropriate to …


  1. Wait so cannabis does help? No fucking shit Sherlock. I'm preaching to the choir here but without cannabis being rescheduled or rescheduled, we cannot do studies without the chance of being prosecuted. Also he said most of the medical field doesn't think cannabis is helpful. That is a lie. So the 5%of America who doesn't approve medical cannabis are doctors and politicians? Hmm this sounds like palms being greased. I think he is putting words into a lot of people's mouths. I think doctors are afraid to talk out about cannabis because they'll lose their big pharma connection. Hmm sounds like more palms are being greased. Decriminalize it federally, let each state run their own program and leave us the fuck alone.

  2. Sessions is only 1 of 2 things, a complete and utter liar, OR completely uneducated. To say he "now" believes that there "may" be some benefits to using cannabis as a medicine, but then to turn right around and state he doesn't think any medicine should be taken without knowing how much you are taking or the manner in which it is taken, "smoking", he doesn't know there are like at least 7 ways not including smoking that cannabis can be introduced into our bodies. 2nd, I did not get to see his face and do not know who was speaking at about the 4:20 mark but Cannabis is not addictive and we would never "swap" an opiod epidemic with a cannabis epidemic. That is the whole point. Big Pharma is killing people while the herb is outlawed. I need to know who this is though so I can put him on my list.

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