1. Congrats on quitting!!!! My mom use to smoke for as long as I could remember. She use to send me & my sister to the corner store with a note (early 80's) with the money to buy her a pack. Back then it cost a $1.05 for cigarettes. Finally, one summer while my sister & I stayed with a relative she'd quit. So again, congratulations for taking control of your life and your health.

  2. I am so happy that you told the story about stopping smoking. I have been working at trying to quit for many years and chantix is out of my budget, (last time I priced it was $350.00+ with my insurance). I am still working at quitting though.

  3. Both my wife and I quit smoking 18 yrs ago cold turkey and with the help of lotsssssss of mints, and now both of us hate the smell of any type of tobacco including vaporing…we try not be around people who smoke and we don't allow anyone to smoke in both our house and cars…I'm glad we did it and don't regret it.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I loved this “random story” as you called it. Many people struggle with quitting and are at wits end with the habit. It’s good to know there’s different options out there.

  5. This is amazing!!! Great Job Mimi Likewise my husband also did Chantix which the Military provided to him and I am so grateful the results were successful because now I look forward to our kisses. ;D

  6. You are such a joy to watch. 🙂 Random ass stories are the best. Its been 28 years for me.  I stopped the day I brought my baby home from the hospital.  It was SUPER  hard…but well worth it.

  7. I quit smoking on my own by tapering off until I was down to 3 cigs a day. Those 3 cigs were so much trouble and worry to me that I decided to quit entirely so I set a date when I would be a nonsmoker. I steeled myself for the uncomfortable feelings and weight gain. I allowed myself to eat any treat I wanted in order to reward myself for not smoking. I never had another cig because I never wanted to go through those withdrawals again.

  8. I've smoked black and milds for several years and I'm at the point where I want to quit permanently. I've started and stopped so many times but I have to be strong. Smoke Free for 2018!

  9. I am smoke free for nearly 8 years now. Before that I had given up for 5 years & then started again when my Dad died.It only took that one cigarette. I think it's the hardest thing is to give up ciggies. Those that want to have to have their head in the right place. I would say, never stop trying giving up!
    This is a great video, I'm liking this tac. The feminine hygiene one was good too. Well done Mimi, keeping it real! Xxx

  10. I’m on hour 36 after my last cigarette and am holding on. I’m super drowsy, though, am having trouble focusing, and have a mild headache. Hopefully the worst will be over by next Tuesday. I needed to hear that I can do this. Thank you for sharing, Mimi.

  11. So I definitely needed to hear this cause I have been trying to quit for a long time and since I’ve got a doctors appointment I’m going to ask her about chantix cause I really want to quit

  12. My dad stopped smoking cold turkey right after he burnt my cheeks when he was cuddling me while he was drunk. He smoked a few cigarettes in one go and stopped right after that. I have no recollection of this, I was only under a year old at that time.

    (He's a great dad, btw, don't worry. He's only human though, he's made mistakes. I love him.)

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