1. The city has to do a better job cracking down on illegal shops, the law biding cannabis business owners cannot compete with illegally opened shops who don’t give a rats ass about regulation

  2. I lost a freind of 40 yrs,a Vietnam vet,in KY ,last month,he was treated as a criminal, he left the country,and died,on foreign land,from lack of this medince, it's against all laws to deny health care,or to help another human being,thanks to the republicans, in KY, he's dead,he even owned a farm,and the pills they gave him,caused a COPD,his ADD,all were ignored,and they let him go,and his pension they called him,"loco gringo",in Panama city, Panama, and his republican,freinds,poured booze on his grave,even before the 21 gun salute was even finished,I want to personally thank the American people, for killing him.

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