Now That Pot Is Legal In California, Can I Still Be Drug Tested For A Job?

We know recreational marijuana is legal now, but some workers want to know what’s the deal with weed and workplaces.


  1. The Failure in this video is no one talks about how flawed drug testing is regarding marijuana. The only people that fail drug tests regularly are marijuana users and people should know why. Until testing for Impairment (AKA did you smoke 6 – 8 hours B4 U came to work) has validity the system is failed and those that support it are uninformed. Truth is most marijuana users that do pass a drug test only do by several means of preperation, it is almost impossible to smoke several puffs off a joint and pass a drug test in a week without any preperation – because the test methodes are flawed. The acceptance of having a drink of wine with dinner or a beer after work should be the Bar Set for drug testing. It's the politics of fear of weed that seperates having a beer after work with having a couple of bong loads after work…. End Prohibition Now.

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