Marijuana Use and Your Social Security Disability Claim – is this a Problem?

How should you handle questions from your Social Security disability judge about marijuana use? In 2017 and beyond, you can expect the administrative law …


  1. Just be honest if u aren't sellin n abusing it even tho i was when i was younger but leave out superfluous info over sharing much ya. I've gotten more via omitting then i have by being the nice honest t.m.i.(too much info) Guy. now i just stfu! Yes no my lawyer taught me how2do so. lol but i didnt say shit about it we did 2 lawyer they said non issue. but this was a decade+ ago so idk are they more crazy now? lol when they asked me tho i think i was honest n either we just said no. or we discussed it n they said be honest n its for med use. which it was self medicating to this day only legit lol. fkm finally! Ugh fully legalize it none of this cap on how much u can smoke in 90 days fuck sake! Never kill ne1! idigress.just absolutely mad that it was ever illegal! That anyone could have anything to say about wtf an adult decides to put in their own body! irks the piss outta me! But ya be honest if they ask u n u know if u dirty cuz ur body language will tell on you! Then judges order drug test especially when several other times they tested me at random drs they had all my records n knew. i think they ask.if i still did n i said yes for pain. n anxiety they said it worse didmt argue with them they have BBBB BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG EGOS! so RESPECT THEM& BE HONEST& HUMBLE! THEY WILL RESPECT U FOR IT. if there normal. i mean sessions is a dam judge n hes fkn insane n brainwash from another time. a dark time of much suffering. well I'm out just wanted 2 help n share cuz i replied "i just smoked last night" lol but i can't remember if that was a dr a juge a cop etc etc etc lol. but be honest n don't over share. the less u say the better.

  2. I'm from Colorado where recreational and medical marijuana are legalized. What about those of us who have a MMJ prescription? Will we still risk being denied benefits? I have a MMJ card and can prove it in court if need be

  3. Jonathan thank you for the help that you offer to the medically disabled and our handicapped, you are a good attorney and realist., it is very difficult for Judge to sympathize when the medical community is in denial and Congress is on the take from pharmaceutical companies to deny cannabis has medicinal value. Now they have started to demonize proscribed opioid medication, which is scientifically dosed and regiment managed by physicians., so they are placing a duress on the patients illness and suffering and castigated the doctors and pharmacists on stringent measures equating medication on the same plain as Heroin. Let me tell you something Jonathan many of your clients may not make the wait if this persists, they will be denied a quality of life that will cause such stress they may have a heart attack or just kill them. You are doing a good work, Cannabis does have medicinal value and I am certain the schedule will be changed and it will become medically legal. There is overwhelming testimony. Best regards and everyone please mind counselor Jonathan Ginsberg he is telling you the truth in the field he is an expert at. Happy New Year., Jonathan.

  4. Also note Dr's also check I know for a fact with growing problems with pain meds Dr's are checking with blood test you are taken the pain meds you are giving and not mixing and Marijuana is on the list, only reason I know this to be true our local Primary offices make you sign a agreement while being on pain meds they can ask for blood or urine test at anytime.So they would note it in your record if something shows up That shouldnt be there:) Sorry had to put my 2 cents in 🙂

  5. Mr Ginsberg!! Hi sorry one last question ok I won my case got letter the other day was floored very fast ok today Social Sec called today said congrats and wanted to make appointment for 9/11 for a intake the man said?? what is this about? He said it;s to get the ball rolling on award letter and said something bout SSI?? little confused so I am asking you my to go to guy Can you fill me in? Thanks a million your number One fan:) Michelle

  6. Hi if I get diagnosed with arthritis on my ankle and taking Tramadol but I help my case to and I will be going to a neurologist for my neuropathy will that help my case to and how do I show them proof do I show them at the hearing or do I send them the paperwork thank you so much for your time

  7. I will like to know.. when you get denied by the judge.. they give you 60 to appeal.. I did that ..i sent them new evidence, they sent back a letter saying that that they received the evidence but I have 25 day to explain why I didn't sent those before and if I have more evidence to send also.. my question is how long is that process. Of course I told it was the doctor

  8. Hi my lawyer said the judge denied me wrongfully so he appeald to appeal council said the judge made several mistakes I'm still very sick not sure why he would denied me he didn't consider nothing really that my cardiologist said or my psychiatrist or my surgerys he dismissed mostly everything smh I'm having another ablation on my heart very soon. They want me to have back surgery my blood pressure is still uncontrolled and several other things are wrong what are my chances at the council level for a remand back to court please answer thank you

  9. I was turned down from a claim because I was prescribed for it by my psychologist for my ADHD. I hadn't used medical marijuana prior. I was told that it would discount me from my claim. It's like you are damn if you do and damn if you don't. In the interview I was completely honest. But that went against me. I was told not to do it and quit and get medication for my Adhd. I like the cannabis because it helped with my headaches to. I have three bad discs in my neck which causes bad headaches. I need back surgery, both my knees replaced and have three herniated discs in my lower back and have DDD. Been waiting 3 years too.

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