1. Thank you very much for your help. I think one of the reasons my stomach is not reducing is my allergy on iron and I am currently taking Fe supplements. I cannot wear Fe jewelry nor I could have needle in my hand left overnight in hospital for medications.

  2. If anyone can help, I am scared of doing Keto again because last time I quit carbs cold turkey I lost consciousness before going into Ketosis. I also struggled very badly with keeping up electrolyte intake to prevent headaches – keto lemonade gets old and bone broths can be expensive – along with this diet when I am in college. I was okay on Keto and losing weight but had to get off. Scared of getting back on and accidentally eating too much sugar when eating out. Low carb is difficult for social events! Is eating a lot veggies/vegetarian dishes okay? Because they usually have sugary sauces. How to survive long social encounters? Carb free beef jerky with a side of high fat nuts? Are nuts okay?

  3. Hi guys! Thank you so much for doing these videos. Karen you are so fun – you keep Dr. Berg in line. Hey don't worry about trolls – all of us YouTubers have them. What they don't realize is that a thumbs down is ENGAGEMENT and actually helps your videos so let trolls be trolls. I mean who give a thumbs down to a delicious fat bomb recipe? You guys just keep being you! Love ya!

  4. I've been on keto and doing IF for a little over a month. However I've only lost inches not pounds. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not saying I'm not happy with it I'm just curious….😌

  5. I have a sulfur smell that is coming off of my skin since starting Keto and the Adrenal supplements a month ago. Can you tell me what is happening? Thank you, Kris Jarecki, Omaha, NE

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